Burton Genie II

Burton Genie II

Reliable operation, simplicity and ease of use are the hallmarks of every Burton product, and the Genie II is no exception. For maximum illumination (130,000 lux/12,000 fc at one meter), the highest quality no-drift arm system, reliability and true color temperature, there is no better value than Burton’€™s Genie II. Plus, an efficient multi-bulb design eliminates the need for complicated back-up bulb systems used in single source lights.


  • High intensity of 130,000 Lux (12,000 footcandles) at 1 meter
  • 4200° Kelvin color temperature offers pure white illumination (without blue hues
  • 22″ (56 cm) diameter light head
  • Unlimited arm rotation
  • Focuses with center autoclavable handle
  • “Exceptionally smooth focus
  • Available with optional control box including on/off switch, hours-in-use meter, continuous intensity adjustment and storage area for bulb and fuses
  • Patented optics to assure surgical light quality


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