GE Vivid I BT12

GE Vivid I BT12

The GE Vivid-I is a midrange portable ultrasound machine for cardiovascular applications. It has many powerful cardiovascular features that are unusual at this price point including both an adult and pediatric TEE probes.


  • Monitor (inch) 15″ LCD
  • Tilt/Rotate Adjustable Monitor No
  • Monitor Resolution
  • Image Size Resolution 800*600
  • Touch Screen (Inch) No
  • Trackball or Trackpad Trackball
  • CP Back-Lighting Yes
  • Weight 11lbs(5kg)
  • Probe Ports 1
  • Battery O(up to 1hr)
  • Sleep Mode (Quick Start)
  • Maximum Depth of Field 30cm
  • Minimum Depth of Field 0-2cm


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