Hausted 5E8 Power Eye stretcher

Hausted 5E8 Power Eye stretcher

The 5E8 is a multi-position stretcher intended for treatment, transport, or recovery of a patient. With the uniquely designed articulating head section, this unit can be used for specialty procedures which require precision head positioning, such as opthalmology, plastic surgery, or ENT procedures.


  • Articulating head piece with dual operating knobs allow infinite adjustability and precise microscopic movement of the head section
  • Power hand held controls:
    • Height Adjustment
    • Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg – Backrest Adjustment
    • Knee Flex Adjustment
    • Auto Contouring Adjustment
  • Nurse Control Panel at foot-end
  • Emergency Backrest Release lever to override electric/battery
  • Battery back-up allows power functions when not plugged in€
  • Arm rests around Patient Headrest not included (pictured)


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