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At Auxo Medical, we offer only the highest-quality new and refurbished medical equipment for one simple reason: we’re product technicians at heart, who provide objective consultative selling and service expertise.

As a company, we take full responsibility for your satisfaction. Whether we recommend purchasing new medical equipment or refurbished, good-as-new medical equipment, which we thoroughly inspect to ensure it meets original manufacturer standards, our belief in product worthiness is unparalleled.

We believe that every product Auxo Medical sells must meet or exceed our demanding criteria for quality, durability, and value before it’s ever recommended to you. View all of our products, including sterilizers, washers, operating tables, surgical beds and many more.

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  • Steris Eagle 3000 Small Series

    Eagle® 3000 Stage 3™ Series Sterilizers feature an advanced microcomputer control system, providing latest standard for cycle setup, ...
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  • Steris Reliance Synergy

    The Steris Reliance® Synergy® Washer / Disinfector is designed to meet increasing reprocessing needs of hospital CSSD’s and Ambulatory ...
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  • Steris Reliance 444

    The Steris Reliance® 444 Single-Chamber Washer/Disinfector is a mechanical washer equipped with an Eagle® 3000 Stage 3™ control system. ...
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  • Steelco DS 610

    Auxo Medical carries the Steelco DS 610 washer/disinfector, a fully automatic washer/disinfector with motorized vertical sliding down ...
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  • Steelco DS 500

    The Steelco DS 500 washer/disinfector is ideal for doctors’ offices, surgery centers and small hospitals to wash, disinfect, and dry ...
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  • Medivator SSD-102LT & DSD-201LT

    The SSD-102LT & DSD-201LT washer/disinfectors provide single or dual endoscope disinfection for facilities with low procedure ...
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  • Steris Analog Tabletop Warmer

    The Steris Amsco M70 Series line of blanket warmers was one of the most popular lines ever manufactured. This series features a ...
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  • Edan DUS 60 Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System

    The Edan DUS 60 is an impressive new compact ultrasound system, providing superb value and the best quality across the entire range of ...
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  • Hill-Rom VersaCare

    The VersaCare® bed is a full-featured patient care bed system that offers the lowest height in acute care, an integrated air surface ...
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  • Hill-Rom Affinity II & III

    The Affinity® Three Birthing Bed builds upon Hill-Rom’s long- standing success of its premier Affinity® Birthing Bed line and improves ...
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  • Hill-Rom Centra Series 850 & 852

    The Hill-Rom® Centra® Series 850 & 852 hospital beds are perfect for hospitals & surgery centers.  These beds offers a variety ...
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  • Hill-Rom Advanta Series

    The Hill-Rom® Advanta® Series hospital bed is perfect for hospitals & surgery centers.  This bed offers a variety of features that ...
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  • Hill-Rom Advance Series

    The Hill-Rom® Advance® Series hospital bed is perfect for hospitals & surgery centers.  This bed offers a variety of features that ...
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  • MAC Supply Storage Cabinets

    A variety of stations are available with plenty of features and options. Standard Features: • Fully-welded construction • Recess or ...
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  • Braun Vista Basic

    Braun® understands that alternate site clinicians and patients need a pump that is cost-effective, simple to operate, and has the ...
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  • Abbott Plum A+

    The Abbott® Plum A+® Infusion Pump is a general-purpose infusion device that provides precise delivery of multiple therapies across the ...
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