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At Auxo Medical, we offer only the highest-quality new and refurbished medical equipment for one simple reason: we’re product technicians at heart, who provide objective consultative selling and service expertise.

As a company, we take full responsibility for your satisfaction. Whether we recommend purchasing new medical equipment or refurbished, good-as-new medical equipment, which we thoroughly inspect to ensure it meets original manufacturer standards, our belief in product worthiness is unparalleled.

We believe that every product Auxo Medical sells must meet or exceed our demanding criteria for quality, durability, and value before it’s ever recommended to you. View all of our products, including sterilizers, washers, operating tables, surgical beds and many more.

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  • Midmark Ritter 222 Barrier-Free Exam Table

    The days of limited exam rooms for disabled patients are gone. With Ritter® Barrier-Free® tables, more of your exam rooms can be ...
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  • Midmark Ritter 75L

    To help keep you and your staff fresh and alert all day, the Midmark® 75L does the heavy work. Full eight-way power, essential low ...
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  • Midmark Ritter 75E

    This surgical chair comes standard with power adjustment, drain pan, articulating head rest, adjustable stirrups, accessory rails, foot ...
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  • Midmark 404 Exam Table

    The Midmark® 404 Exam Table is an efficient and comfortable exam table designed with the patient and physician in mind. This table has ...
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  • Midmark 104

    Patient positioning is simple and easy with this Refurbished Ritter® 104 Exam Table. The spring-assisted backrest means no more pulling ...
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  • ConMed Excalibur Plus PC

    The ConMed™ Excalibur Plus PC™ is the most powerful isolated ESU available in its class. It allows the surgeon to adjust the power ...
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  • ConMed Sabre Genesis

    The Sabre Genesis™ provides state-of-the-art technology in a compact and affordable unit perfect for use in office-based ...
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  • ConMed Sabre 2400

    The ConMed™ Sabre 2400™ is a full-power electrosurgical generator to accommodate the needs of all surgical procedures. The Sabre 2400™ ...
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  • ConMed Sabre 180

    Perfect for head & neck surgery, leep procedures, cardiac cath labs, laparoscopy carts, minor surgery centers, endoscopy, ...
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  • Valleylab Force FX & Force FXC

    The Force FX™ generator provides surgeons with the advantage of accurately delivering the selected power setting, even through ...
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  • Valleylab Force 2

    The Force™ 2 ESU electrosurgical cautery unit provides cutting and coagulation in monopolar or bipolar outputs. Provides flexibility ...
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  • Edan SE-601 Series ECG

    Six-channel ECG SE-601 series : SE-601A, SE-601B, SE-601C, cost-effective solutions including hospital wards, routine check, home visit ...
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  • Edan SE-12 Express ECG

    The twelve-channel ECG SE-12 Express is a special system of smart ECG series, which support both resting ECG and Exercise ECG. ...
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  • GE MAC 1200

    The MAC* 1200 digital, 12-lead electrocardiograph system offers comprehensive ECG solutions with practical features that help meet the ...
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  • Edan SE-1200 and SE-1200 Express ECG

    Excellent cost performance with built-in high-resolution thermal printer. You can record 12 ECG traces on A4 size and US Letter-size ...
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  • Zoll M Series

    The Zoll® M Series™ is half the weight and size of any unit in its class. Provides everything you need for cardiac resuscitation ...
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