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At Auxo Medical, we offer only the highest-quality new and refurbished medical equipment for one simple reason: we’re product technicians at heart, who provide objective consultative selling and service expertise.

As a company, we take full responsibility for your satisfaction. Whether we recommend purchasing new medical equipment or refurbished, good-as-new medical equipment, which we thoroughly inspect to ensure it meets original manufacturer standards, our belief in product worthiness is unparalleled.

We believe that every product Auxo Medical sells must meet or exceed our demanding criteria for quality, durability, and value before it’s ever recommended to you. View all of our products, including sterilizers, washers, operating tables, surgical beds and many more.

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  • Steris Amsco Flexmatic Single Bay Scrub Station

    Designed in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories standards to meet all of your scrub sink needs, Amsco®Flexmatic® Scrub Sinks have ...
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  • Edan M3B

    With SpO2 (Nellcor Oximax optional) and Respironics CO2 monitoring technologies, the M3B ensures effective capnography monitoring for ...
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  • Edan M3

    Proven to be a durable and efficient solution for outpatients, ambulance and general wards, the new M3 brings effective vital signs ...
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  • Edan IM80

    The iM80 is dedicated to high-accuracy and user-friendly healthcare solutions especially for high-acuity divisions. With the latest ...
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  • Edan IM50

    Representing a new generation of patient monitors by EDAN, the iM50 brings you excellent transportation experiences. Its portable ...
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  • Edan H100B

    As a handheld pulse oximeter, H100B is designed to serve the needs of both long-term monitoring and spot check. It’s dedicated to offer ...
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  • Edan Elite V8

    The Edan elite V8 Modular Patient Monitor is engineered specially for high-acuity divisions.  The elite V8 dedicates to bringing ...
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  • Biolight M9000

    Used in hospital and Clinique for monitoring patients. Standard configuration monitors ECG, HR, RESP, NIBP, SpO2, PR, TEMP, and ...
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  • Biolight M8000A

    Improve patient outcomes with a comprehensive patient monitoring system covering the needs of multiple departments within hospitals and ...
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  • Steris Harmony Series

    Steris® offers a wide variety of high-quality surgical lighting products to meet the needs of any operating room – from large teaching ...
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  • Skytron Stellar Series

    Stellar® provides advanced lighting performance with high intensity, shadow-free and focusable optics, offering precise surgeon focus ...
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  • Skytron Aurora Series

    Skytron’s Aurora® LED Surgical Lighting provides advanced bright, cool and color correct illumination to the surgical field and a ...
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  • Steris Amsco 3080

    The Amsco® 3080 Surgical Table features a radiolucent top and can be adjusted to the same variety of positions as the 2080 model. It ...
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  • Skytron 6500

    The Skytron® 6500 Surgical Table is a general surgery table filled with features. The 500 lb. (Elite) and 850 lb. (Hercules) weight ...
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  • Skytron 6701

    From ease of set-up to the reduced need for multiple support accessories, the Hercules 6701 is the most powerful, versatile, and ...
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  • Steris Reliance 333 & 250

    These washer/disinfectors is ideal for automated cleaning, thermal disinfection, and drying of reusable general surgical instruments ...
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