Nuvo Surgical V1000 Surgical Table Series

Nuvo Surgical V800 Surgical Table Series

Designed to accommodate surgical procedures in nearly all fields, including urology, neurology, orthopedics, and cardiology, the Nuvo V800 series surgical tables set new standards for versatility, innovative features and solid dependability.

With design and engineering thought through to a remarkable degree, they provide such benefits as unprecedented C-arm access, self-diagnosis with Instant Error Code display, and a control system that automatically prevents of sectional conflicts.


• 800 lb. Weight Capacity
• Powered Leg Section (V800)
• Unique Shoulder Attachment (V800)
• Quick Release Plate (V800)
• Kidney Bridge
• Sliding Top
• Reverse Orientation
• Slide Option
• Hybrid Option
• Override Controls
• Perineal Cutout
• Table Leveling
-Floor Locks
Offers full control of basic table functions when Hand Pendant control is unavailable or inoperative (Tables with slide only)

When the Service LED on the Hand Pendant is lit, the battery level indicator on the base panel instantly displays a service code used for diagnosis

Max. Weight Capacity: 800 lbs
Height: 26.8 – 44 in (68 – 112 cm)
Slide:12.2 in (31cm)
Lateral Tilt: 20°
Trendelenburg: 30°
Reverse Trendelenburg: 30°
Back Section: 80° up or 50° down
Leg Section: 30° up or 90° down
180° open to the left and right.
Head Section: 90° up or 45° down
Kidney Elevator Elevation 0 ~ 4.7 in (12cm)
Flex: Maximum of 25° down
Reflex: Maximum of 30° up

Available with  or without kidney bridge, Sliding top and floor locks