Steris Reliance Synergy

Steris Reliance Synergy

The Steris Reliance® Synergy® Washer / Disinfector is designed to meet increasing reprocessing needs of hospital CSSD’s and Ambulatory Surgery centers through improved efficiency and reduced utility consumption.


• Shorter cycle times for faster reprocessing of critical instruments and utensils
• Reduced operational cost and less environmental impact by minimizing water, utility, and detergent consumption
• Increased throughput capacity utilizing a validated 5 lead washing manifold capable of processing 10 instrument trays per cycle
• Greater confidence in cycle outcomes through the addition of an Independent Monitoring system that double checks all critical parameters of washing, rinsing, disinfection and drying on every cycle
• Improved microbiological containment through the inclusion of HEPA filtered air for drying and new airtight door design


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