Stryker VISUM LED 2 Light 1 Monitor Arm Surgical Light


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With maximum brightness and exceptional shadow resolution as the keys to success in surgical lighting, the Visum LED provides a large column of light and superior illumination. This is achieved while providing pure white light that will remain cool under the most demanding conditions.

41” Column of Light: Large spot size and depth of field provides a large column of light, decreasing the need to adjust the light during a procedure.
Superior Shadow Resolution: Stryker’s proprietary reflector technology effectively reduces shadows to keep the surgical site clearly illuminated while maintaining a large depth of field.
Single Color LEDs: Provides up to160,000 lux of pure white light.
Low Heat Output: LEDs do not emit UV or Infrared light waves, helping to keep the OR staff cool even during long cases, and creating a more comfortable work environment.
Long-Lasting LEDs: LEDs are designed for 50,000+ hours of use, decreasing operating costs and downtime while increasing your return on investment.
Compact, Light-Weight Suspension: Allows for easy repositioning during surgical procedures; Bulb Life: 20000 hr; Color Temperature: 4400 K

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