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AlgoMedica, Inc., the developer of PixelShine®, is pleased to
announce they have signed a distribution agreement with AUXO Medical, a reseller of
refurbished and reconditioned medical equipment that sells through their direct sales force
and a partnership with McKesson. AUXO Medical will sell and service the PixelShine AI solution
throughout the US.

PixelShine from AlgoMedica is a new deep learning CT scan processing software that overcomes
the limitations of standard Iterative Reconstruction techniques. It automatically improves the
quality of any CT scan by reducing image noise without reducing the conspicuity of fine details
or changing the appearance of the image, even for ultra-low dose studies. PixelShine improves
the image quality of CT studies acquired at any dose level, such that lower dose scanning is
possible for all CT studies. In addition, because PixelShine is vendor neutral it can harmonize
image quality across the healthcare enterprise the benefit of radiologist productivity.
“We look forward to leveraging AUXO Medicals strong regional relationships and their deep
understanding appreciation good customer service and technical know-how in the refurbished
CT market.” explains Mikael Strindlund, CEO of AlgoMedica Inc.

PixelShine from AlgoMedica can provide a number of benefits:
• Harmonize image quality across all CT scanners within an organization
• Dramatically improved image quality of low dose screening and pediatric studies
• Enables increased radiologist diagnostic confidence
• Facilitates greater use of thin slice imaging
• Extends the clinical utility of older CT scanners

Auxo Medical is extremely excited about the partnership with PixelShine. Greater image quality
at lower doses is something that we feel parallels the healthcare industry’s emphasis on patient
safety while observing cost reductions, explains Jay Crabtree, CEO, AUXO Medical.
About PixelShine from AlgoMedica PixelShine by Algomedica was developed using machine learning. It can improve the quality of any CT exam by reducing the inherent image noise during the image reconstruction process.
This is particularly applicable to ultra-low dose CT scanning applications such as lung screening.
Pixelshine empowers healthcare providers to acquire high-quality CT scans using substantially
lower radiation dose. PixelShine is vendor agnostic and can enhance the quality of noisy CT
scans acquired by all types of CT scanners, including older and refurbished models. PixelShine is
fast, requires no user interaction and can be remotely installed. Learn more at

About AUXO Medical
Auxo Medical, LLC is a national medical equipment supplier and repair service provider that
specializes in new and refurbished value-based medical equipment solutions. With the addition
of nationwide service locations, Auxo Medical provides the personal support most expect from
a local business, but with several of the efficiencies of larger suppliers. The company regularly
works with healthcare systems, outpatient imaging centers, ambulatory surgery centers,
laboratories, Veterans Affairs, private physician practices, and more. Learn more at

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