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Service, Maintenance & Repair on Anesthesia Machines, Booms and Anesthesia Monitors

At Auxo Medical, we have AAMI Certified Biomedical Equipment Technicians (CBET) on staff with manufacturer training directly from GE and Mindray and will provide all preventative and corrective maintenance to the manufacturer specifications. Our expert technicians are able to identify potential issues in preventative maintenance and inspections as well as efficiently repair issues with your anesthesia equipment by consistently carrying all the necessary tools, equipment and parts to keep or bring your equipment running at optimal conditions for both patient and staff safety. We offer preventative maintenance plans equivalent to those from the manufacturer with lower hourly repair rates! We maintain, inspect, calibrate and repair every aspect of an anesthesia machine including the oxygen source, vaporizer, oxygen flowmeter, scavenging system, patient breathing circuit, heads-up-display (anesthesia monitors) as well as the high, intermediate and low pressure systems and more.

A sample of the brands and models we maintain and repair:

Auxo Medical is Mindray and GE factory trained and service Mindray, GE Healthcare, Datex-Ohmeda, Aespire, Dräger, Penlon, and more

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Why Auxo Medical for Anesthesia Equipment Preventative Maintenance and Repair Services?

We are GE and Mindray Factory Trained on Anesthesia Machines and Equipment

Auxo Medical takes immense pride in being GE and Mindray factory-trained on anesthesia machines and equipment. This specialized training ensures that our team possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise directly from the manufacturers of these critical medical devices. By adhering to the highest standards set forth by GE and Mindray, we guarantee that our maintenance, repair, and calibration services meet the most rigorous industry benchmarks. Our commitment to excellence ensures that healthcare providers can rely on the optimal performance and safety of their anesthesia equipment, ultimately contributing to better patient outcomes and enhanced operational efficiency within medical environments.

The Correct Parts and Equipment on Hand

Auxo Medical’s warehouse carries a full stock of OEM preventative maintenance kits and parts, both current and obsolete models. Our service technicians also consistently travel with all PM parts and most parts they would need for emergency repairs. This not only assists in reducing your equipment’s down time, but also provides a cost savings in avoiding additional callbacks and labor.

We Maintain and Repair All Aspects of Anesthesia Equipment

We maintain, inspect, calibrate and repair every aspect of an anesthesia machine including the oxygen source, vaporizer, oxygen flowmeter, scavenging system, patient breathing circuit, heads-up-display (anesthesia monitors) as well as the high, intermediate and low pressure systems and more.

Emergency Repair Services 24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year*

At Auxo Medical, we understand that downtime for your anesthesia equipment can have serious consequences for patients and your facility. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency service, 365 days a year. Whether it’s a late-night malfunction or a weekend breakdown, our team of expert technicians is available to respond quickly and efficiently, minimizing disruption to your operations.

*After hours service calls carry a 4 hour minimum labor charge – 4:30pm-8am

Access to Full Documentation Through Our Service Portal for all Regulatory Requirements

This Service Portal is for active service agreement holders and houses all the necessary records for your equipment, including calibration certificates, maintenance logs, and repair reports, ensuring you have the documentation you need to meet all regulatory requirements. In addition current service clients can schedule repair and maintenance calls directly from the portal.

Anesthesia Equipment Preventative Maintenance Plans

Anesthesia Preventive Maintenance Service Plans

Additional Capabilities

Equipment Loaners & Rentals Available

We offer a convenient equipment loaner and rental program to ensure your practice remains operational during equipment downtime or for short-term needs. We provide loaner or rental anesthesia machines, monitors, and vaporizers upon request, subject to availability. While we strive to meet all requests, please note that fees may apply for these services. Contact us to inquire about specific equipment availability and rental rates.

Vaporizer Output Testing Available

Our comprehensive vaporizer output testing service ensures the accuracy and reliability of your anesthesia equipment. We employ an industry-certified gas flowmeter to meticulously measure the flow rate and composition of anesthetic agents delivered by your vaporizers. This rigorous testing compares the actual output against the settings programmed on the vaporizers, ensuring that the correct dosage of anesthetic is being administered to patients. By verifying the integrity of your vaporizers, we contribute to patient safety and enhance the precision of your anesthesia procedures.

Trade-Ins, Upgrades & Discounts

Auxo Medical can help you upgrade the equipment you currently have. We can upgrade or refurbish your current equipment onsite or remove and replace older equipment for a fraction of the cost of buying a brand new piece of equipment. In addition active service agreement holders receive 5% off equipment purchases on a vast selection of over 1300 items in our medical and lab equipment catalog.