Medical Equipment Bestsellers

Steris Amsco Model 3085 General Surgical Table
Steris Amsco 3085 SP
Surgical Table

One of Auxo Medical’s most reliable and popular surgical tables. The 3085 SP is recognized as the industry standard due to its sheer versatility and reliability, and has been trusted…

Steris Amsco Small Century Series from Auxo Medical
Steris Amsco Century
Small Series

This Steris sterilizer meets the needs of today’s operating rooms and other areas of any hospital. Features include foot pedal operation for hands-free loading/unloading, and more.

Midmark Ritter M11
Midmark Ritter M9

The Ritter M9 is an autoclave that couldn’t be easier and is time tested for reliability. You load it set it and forget it. . Select your cycle and the time is set for you.

Passport V
Datascope Passport V

The Passport V offers a comprehensive range of options that make it well-suited for most hospital departments. The flexible feature-set includes…