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What Equipment and Services does Auxo Medical Provide?

Auxo Medical: Your All-in-One Healthcare Equipment Provider

Auxo Medical is a leading medical equipment provider, offering a comprehensive range of specialized healthcare equipment. The company is committed to providing superior quality products and services to clients across different industries. Since its inception, Auxo Medical has continuously expanded its inventory to ensure that clients have access to the latest and most innovative medical equipment on the market.

The Range of Equipment Offered by Auxo Medical

The range of medical equipment offered by Auxo Medical includes but not limited to:

Auxo Medical also offers a variety of services such as equipment maintenance, calibration, and repair.

Catering to Different Industries

Auxo Medical understands that different industries require a unique set of healthcare equipment. The company has a team of experts who work closely with clients to identify their specific needs and provide customized solutions that meet their requirements. Auxo Medical caters to different industries, including hospitals, clinics, dental practices, veterinary clinics, and research facilities.

Auxo Medical – Your One Stop Shop for Medical Equipment, Maintenance and Repair

Complete Asset Management Solutions

Auxo Medical is more than just a medical equipment supplier. The company offers complete asset management solutions for healthcare equipment, which includes equipment installation, routine maintenance, calibration, and repair services. The company has a dedicated team of certified technicians who provide exceptional service to ensure that the equipment runs efficiently and optimally.

Working with Industry-Leading Brands

Auxo Medical works with industry-leading brands to provide clients with high-quality medical equipment. The company partners with notable brands such as Steris, Tuttnauer, Skytron, Hill-Rom, GE Healthcare, Philips, Midmark, Mindray, Zoll and more to ensure that clients have access to the latest and most innovative medical solutions on the market.

Why Choose Auxo Medical

Auxo Medical is committed to providing exceptional service to clients across different industries. The company offers a comprehensive range of specialized healthcare equipment, customized solutions, and complete asset management solutions. With Auxo Medical, clients can expect quality products, excellent customer service, and exceptional support. Contact Auxo Medical today!

Midmark Autoclaves Available to Purchase Online at Auxo Medical

Revolutionize Your Sterilization Process with Midmark Autoclaves from Auxo Medical

Midmark Ritter M9 Autoclave | Auxo Medical, LLC

As healthcare providers know, sterilization is a critical aspect of daily operations in order to avoid cross-contamination and infection. Midmark, a leading manufacturer of sterilization and infection control equipment, has been trusted by healthcare professionals for their dependability, efficiency and quality. At Auxo Medical, Midmark autoclaves are available to purchase online, offering a range of features, sizes and models to fit various needs and budgets.

Midmark autoclaves come equipped with state-of-the-art technology such as informative screen displays, quick cycles and an energy-saving mode. The intuitive user interface enhances ease-of-use, and the easy-to-open door prevents unnecessary strain on users. Additionally, Midmark autoclaves are designed with safety in mind as they feature a safety lock to prevent accidental openings during operation.

Midmark autoclaves offered at Auxo Medical are available in both manual and automatic models, with 9 to 22 inch chamber sizes to fit the needs of any medical practice. Customers can choose from various options such as capacity, program cycle times, and water recycling system capabilities. Efforts to maintain safety standards are further boosted by features such as an automatic chamber cleaning system and a self-sealing water reservoir to keep your operating environment clean and create a safe and sterile environment for your patients.

Get Your Hands on the Best-Selling Autoclaves Online at Auxo Medical Today!

Auxo Medical offers a wide range of autoclaves and accompanying accessories to ensure reliable, consistent sterilization throughout healthcare facilities. The online platform makes the ordering process extremely user-friendly – with quick and secure ordering and quote options as well as fast lead times and shipping. Additionally, Auxo Medical’s team of experts can assist with selecting the ideal autoclave for your operation based on your budget and specific requirements.

By choosing Auxo Medical as your authorized supplier of Ritter by Midmark, Tuttnauer, Statim, Pelton & Crane and more customers can access the best-selling, top-brand products with unbeatable pricing and extend their purchasing power to superior infection control products with the highest safety features that will enhance the quality of patient care.

Don’t compromise on safety and quality; choose the best-suited autoclave that fits your insurance standards and regulations for safety, reliability and efficiency by purchasing online at Auxo Medical.

When it comes to safety in healthcare, it’s essential to choose the right sterilization solution. The autoclaves we provide are designed to provide reliable and efficient sterilization that exceeds the expectations of healthcare professionals around the world. With Auxo Medical’s online platform, purchasing these autoclaves has never been easier or more affordable, ensuring that high-quality autoclaves are accessible to medical practices no matter the size. Get in touch with an Auxo Medical representative today and start improving your sterilization process with these top-flight autoclaves!

Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizers

What are Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizers?

Tuttnauer PlazmaxHydrogen Peroxide Sterilizers are a type of sterilizer used to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms in healthcare settings. This sterilization method is widely used in hospitals, laboratories, and other medical facilities. It is a safe, effective, and economical way to sterilize medical instruments and surfaces. They use hydrogen peroxide to kill microorganisms. This chemical is highly reactive and breaks down quickly into oxygen and water, leaving no residue behind. It is also non-toxic and safe for humans and the environment.

Hydrogen peroxide sterilizers work by releasing an activated form of hydrogen peroxide into the air. This form of hydrogen peroxide is highly reactive and it reacts with the proteins and nucleic acids of microorganisms, causing them to be destroyed. The process is quick and efficient and can take as little as 30 minutes to complete.

The advantages of using Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizers are numerous. They are highly effective against a wide range of microorganisms, they are safe and non-toxic, and they are inexpensive compared to other sterilization methods. Additionally, they are fast and easy to use and require no special training or equipment and are highly effective and safe, making them a popular choice for sterilizing medical instruments and surfaces.


What are the Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizers?

Hydrogen peroxide sterilizers offer a number of benefits that make them a great choice for many medical facilities. These sterilizers are incredibly effective at killing bacteria, viruses, and other microbes, making them a great choice for sterilizing surgical instruments, medical equipment, and other items. They are also relatively safe to use, with low toxicity levels and no hazardous byproducts. Hydrogen peroxide sterilizers are also very cost-effective and require a minimal amount of energy to operate.  Additionally, they are easy to use and maintain, making them an ideal choice for busy medical facilities.


Refurbished Medical Sterilizers

Refurbished medical sterilizers offer a number of benefits to healthcare providers. With a refurbished medical sterilizer, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities can reduce costs and increase efficiency. These sterilizers feature the same high-quality components and parts as new models, but at a fraction of the cost. Refurbished medical sterilizers also save on energy costs as they are designed for energy efficiency. Refurbished medical sterilizers also provide quick turnaround times for sterilization, ensuring that medical instruments and other materials are ready for use quickly. As a result, healthcare providers are able to serve patients more effectively and efficiently.


The Importance of Regular Maintenance on Your Sterilization Equipment

Regular maintenance on your sterilization equipment is essential in order to keep it operating at peak efficiency. Regular maintenance allows for early detection of any potential issues, which can help reduce downtime and prevent costly repairs. It also helps extend the life of your equipment, ensuring it lasts for as long as possible. Furthermore, regular maintenance helps ensure that your equipment is always producing quality results, which is critical for meeting safety regulations and industry standards. In short, regular maintenance on sterilization equipment is an invaluable investment that should not be overlooked.


Preventative Maintence Plans for Your Sterilizers with Auxo Medical

A preventative maintenance plan for your sterilizers with Auxo Medical can be incredibly beneficial. The plan includes regular inspections and services by qualified technicians, as well as access to parts and technical support. This can help reduce the need for costly repairs, as well as ensuring that your sterilizers are running efficiently and reliably. Auxo Medical also offers a range of other services, such as performance testing, calibration, and preventive maintenance, so you can be sure that your sterilizers are always in good working order. With the help of Auxo Medical, you can be sure that your sterilizers are always running smoothly, reliably, and safely.


Contact Auxo Medical to Purchase Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizers and for Preventative Maintenance

Auxo Medical is the premier source for purchasing hydrogen peroxide sterilizers and providing preventative maintenance to ensure their proper operation. Their sterilizers are designed to provide a safe and effective way to sterilize medical instruments and tools, and their preventative maintenance services ensure that the sterilizers remain in excellent working condition. With their reliable products and services, Auxo Medical is the ideal choice for healthcare professionals looking to purchase hydrogen peroxide sterilizers and keep them in top condition. View our catalogue of sterilizers or request a preventative maintenance or repair quote.

Sterile Processing Department Equipment | Auxo Medical

Unlocking the Benefits of Medical Sterilizers for Improved Patient Care

‍Medical sterilizers are an essential tool in the healthcare industry including hospitals, surgery centers, medical schools, as well as medical and scientific laboratories. Sterilizers provide a safe and reliable way to reduce the risk of infection and cross-contamination. Having the right sterilization equipment as well as the proper maintenance can bring significant benefits to any facility or practice in the industry.

What are Medical Sterilizers?

Medical sterilizers are devices used to sterilize, or kill, all microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, on medical instruments and equipment. They are designed to be used in healthcare or lab settings to reduce the risk of infection and cross-contamination. Medical sterilizers are typically used for surgical instruments and other reusable medical devices, such as endoscopes, thermometers, forceps, and scalpel blades.

The process of sterilization is an important part of infection control in healthcare settings. It is the only way to ensure the safety of medical instruments and equipment and to guarantee that patients are not exposed to any infectious agents.

Benefits of Using Sterilization Equipment

There are several benefits to using sterilization equipment in healthcare settings, including:

  1. Reduced Risk of Infection: By using sterilizer units, healthcare professionals can reduce the risk of infection and cross-contamination by killing all microorganisms on medical instruments and equipment. This helps to protect both healthcare staff and patients from exposure to potentially deadly infectious agents.
  2. Improved Patient Care: By reducing the risk of infection, medical sterilizers can help improve patient care and safety. This is especially important in surgical settings, where the risk of infection is already high.
  3. Increased Efficiency: In facility Sterile Processing Departments (SPD) can help to speed up the process of sterilizing medical instruments and equipment, which can help to reduce waiting times and improve patient care.
  4. Cost Savings: Ultimately Sterile Processing Departments with multiple sterile processing units can help to save money in the long run by reducing the need to replace expensive medical instruments and equipment.
  5. Enhanced Patient Satisfaction: By using medical sterilizers, healthcare professionals can provide a higher level of care, which can lead to improved patient satisfaction.

Types of Sterilizers Available from Auxo Medical

There are several different types of sterilizers available, including:

  1. Autoclaves: Autoclaves are the most common type of medical sterilizers and are used in healthcare settings to sterilize medical instruments and equipment. Autoclaves use steam and pressure to quickly and efficiently sterilize medical instruments, which helps to reduce the risk of infection.
  2. Dry Heat Sterilizers: Dry heat sterilizers use hot air to sterilize medical instruments and equipment. They are typically used for items that cannot be sterilized with steam or liquids.
  3. Chemical Sterilizers: Chemical sterilizers use ethylene oxide or hydrogen peroxide to sterilize medical instruments and equipment. They are typically used for items that cannot be sterilized with steam or dry heat.
  4. Ultraviolet Sterilizers: Ultraviolet sterilizers use germicidal ultraviolet radiation to sterilize medical instruments, equipment and areas. They are typically used for items that cannot be sterilized with steam, dry heat, or chemicals.

The Importance of Using Sterile Processing Equipment in Healthcare Settings

The use of sterile processing equipment is an important part of infection control in healthcare settings. They are essential for ensuring the safety of patients and healthcare professionals by reducing the risk of infection and cross-contamination.

Sterilizers can help to reduce the spread of infectious agents in healthcare settings by killing all microorganisms on medical instruments and equipment. This helps to protect against the spread of infection and ensures that patients are not exposed to any potentially deadly infectious agents.

The use of sterilization equipment in is also important for reducing the risk of medical errors. By sterilizing the medical instruments and equipment used in healthcare settings, healthcare professionals can reduce the risk of mistakes due to contamination and cross-contamination.

The Cost of Medical and Lab SterilizersPreventive Maintenance Service Plans

The cost of sterilizers can vary depending on the type of sterilizer, the size of the unit, and the features it offers. Auxo Medical provides a wide variety of new and refurbished sterilizers and autoclaves to fit any budget. In addition we offer a wide range of Preventative Maintenance Plans to keep your sterilization equipment running at peak efficiency and reduce downtime related to equipment failures. See the benefits of an Auxo Medical Preventative Maintenance Plan in the recent article on a 13 hospital regional healthcare system that switched from the manufacturer to Auxo Medical as their sole provider of SPD preventative maintenance and repair support. Click Here.

How to Choose the Right Sterilizers for Your Healthcare or Lab Setting

When choosing the right sterilizers for your healthcare setting, there are several factors to consider, such as:

  1. Type of Sterilizer: The type of sterilizer you choose will depend on the types of medical instruments and equipment that need to be sterilized.
  2. Size of the Unit: The size of the sterilizer should be appropriate for the amount of instruments and equipment that need to be sterilized.
  3. Features: The features of the sterilizer should be appropriate for the types of instruments and equipment that need to be sterilized.
  4. Cost: The cost of the sterilizer should be considered when making a purchase.
  5. Maintenance: The maintenance requirements for the sterilizer should be taken into consideration when making a purchase.
  6. Safety: The safety features of the sterilizer should be taken into consideration when making a purchase.

Resources for Medical Sterilizers

There are several resources available for medical sterilizers, such as:

  1. Manufacturers: Manufacturers of medical sterilizers can provide information about the types of sterilizers available, the features of the sterilizers, and the cost of the sterilizers.
  2. Reviews: Reviews of medical sterilizers can provide helpful information about the types of sterilizers available and their features.
  3. Online Forums: Online forums can provide a wealth of information about medical sterilizers, including tips and advice on choosing the right sterilizer for your healthcare setting.
  4. Professional Organizations: Professional organizations, such as the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), can provide information about the types of sterilizers available and the guidelines for using them.

Choose Auxo Medical as your Sterile Processing Unit and Maintenance Provider

Medical sterilizers are an essential tool in the healthcare industry, providing a safe and reliable way to reduce the risk of infection and cross-contamination. By using and properly maintaining the sterile processing units, healthcare professionals can reduce the risk of infection and cross-contamination, which can help to improve patient care and safety. When choosing the right medical sterilizers for your healthcare setting, it is important to consider the type of sterilizer, the size of the unit, the features it offers, the cost, the maintenance requirements, and the safety features. Auxo Medical is here to assist, both in the purchasing and maintaining your sterilization equipment. Contact Auxo Medical Today to receive your quote on purchase or preventative maintenance plan today.

Why Auxo Medical Is the Best Choice for Refurbished Medical Sterilizers

Budget constraints are an unfortunate reality for the medical industry. Doctors and medical staff want to focus on providing top-quality care. A great way to provide top-quality patient care while keeping budget expenditures low is to rely on refurbished medical sterilizers and other equipment.

Refurbished Medical Sterilizers Available from Auxo MedicalSteris Stage 3 Series 16’ 3013 Sterilizer

Auxo Medical provides a wide range of refurbished medical sterilizers. Our team of trained and qualified biomedical equipment technicians have over 50 years of combined experience refurbishing medical equipment to manufacturer standards. We specialize in sterilization and work with many of the most common types of sterilization equipment.


Autoclaves are among the most common ways medical professionals sterilize equipment onsite. Autoclaves use a combination of pressure and high-temperature steam to kill harmful bacteria and viruses.

We offer a selection of refurbished autoclaves from reliable brands like Tuttnauer and Ritter. We restore these devices to match the original manufacturer specifications, so you know that your equipment will operate safely and reliably.

Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizers

As versatile as autoclaves are, not all medical equipment can withstand the heat and moisture of a pressurized steam solution. Vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) sterilizers may be the perfect alternative. VHP sterilizers use hydrogen peroxide as a disinfecting agent without exposing equipment to the pressure and moisture used in autoclaves. This may lead to energy and water savings and is an environmentally friendly solution.

At Auxo Medical, we have an AAMI-certified technician on staff. This knowledge and experience shared with all our trained and qualified technicians help keep our equipment at peak performance. Whether our clients are buying refurbished equipment from us or have existing equipment that needs work, we can help provide services that may keep their facility operating at joint commission standards.

Ultraviolet Light Sterilizers

Ultraviolet sterilizers use UV-C light to destroy pathogens. UV-C is a non-toxic solution for sterilizing food, air, water, and facility surfaces. Ultraviolet light destroys bacterial and viral genetic molecules.

Our ultraviolet sanitation solutions are a safe and powerful way to meet a facility’s anti-microbial needs that are growing in popularity. Auxo Medical offers a variety of ultraviolet sanitation products. Our products are designed for mobility and easy integration with a facility’s existing systems. UV sanitation is a reliable way to keep work spaces clean and sanitized.

Benefits of Working With Auxo Medical

The refurbished medical sterilizers we offer are only part of the benefit of working with Auxo Medical. We also work to provide high-quality, reliable service to our customers.

Onsite Maintenance and Refurbishment

Auxo Medical takes steps to minimize the downtime of our client’s equipment. Our service technicians travel to customer facilities with all the needed parts for scheduled maintenance. Emergency service calls are also made with most of the necessary parts on hand. This allows our technicians to repair medical equipment in as little time as possible.

Our trained and qualified biomedical equipment technicians can often upgrade or refurbish a client’s current equipment without leaving their facility. This is an excellent way for them to save time and money while keeping their ability to treat patients efficiently.

24/7 Emergency Service

Medical emergencies don’t wait for holidays, and neither do our technicians. We make service calls whenever needed so our client’s ability to treat their patients is not undermined by malfunctioning equipment.

Service Plans that Fit Our Clients’ NeedsPreventive Maintenance Service Plans

Every medical practice has its own needs. Auxo Medical accommodates these needs by offering four ongoing maintenance service plans.

Our Alpha plan offers clients complete maintenance and repair coverage for one fixed price. The advantage of this plan is that parts and labor for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance are covered, making the client’s service costs easy to predict and budget around.

The Beta plan covers parts and labor for scheduled maintenance of our client’s equipment. It also covers labor for unscheduled service calls. With this plan, the client only has to pay for any additional parts needed for emergency repairs. With some careful planning, a client may save money with this plan.

Auxo Medical’s Gamma service plan covers labor for scheduled and unscheduled service calls. This is an excellent plan for clients willing to be proactive in maintaining their practice’s equipment.

Our fourth plan, Delta, is another excellent option for clients who favor preventative maintenance. The Delta plan covers parts and labor for scheduled maintenance.

Visit our website for further information about our various service plans.

Customer Community Portal

Good record-keeping is as necessary as functioning equipment. Our customer community portal lets clients track their support cases and tag equipment. This makes scheduling service calls easy and keeps the client information up to date. Clients can also review the terms of any current or past service agreements they have made with us. They can check which equipment is covered by their plan.

The community portal also gives customers access to any necessary maintenance and service documentation. This can be a great time-saver when documenting their regulatory compliance or dealing with insurance companies.

Work With Auxo Medical Today

Auxo Medical seeks to provide high-quality products and services at an affordable price. If you are interested in working with our team, contact Auxo Medical for more information.