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Auxo Medical offers a comprehensive range of sterile processing supplies and accessories designed to meet the diverse needs of medical and lab facilities. Our product lineup includes essential items such as heat sealers, printer ribbons, biological indicators, and specialized detergents, all crafted to ensure the highest standards of sterilization and cleanliness.

The Rennco LS24D Lift Seal Heat Sealer, for example, is a top-tier device that ensures a secure seal after a brief warm-up period, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of your sterilization process. Similarly, our 3M™ Attest™ Rapid Readout Biological Indicators provide a rapid and reliable method for monitoring steam sterilization, ensuring patient and personnel safety.

Auxo Medical not only focuses on providing high-quality products but also offers extensive support services to ensure the optimal performance of your sterile processing equipment. Our team is available for consultation, maintenance, and repair services across various locations, including Virginia, North Carolina, and several regions in Florida, among others. By choosing Auxo Medical, you are investing in a partner committed to enhancing the safety, efficiency, and reliability of your medical facility’s sterile processing operations.

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