Cutting-edge electrocardiogram technology helps hospitals and medical practices maintain optimum heart health for their patients. Auxo Medical provides a wide scope of popular ECG machines, including Edan, GE, and Burdick.

These easy-to-use ECG’s allow your medical facility to operate smoothly and efficiently. Our machines offer real time ECG waveform displays, compact and lightweight designs, one-touch operations, and alphanumeric keyboards. Many of Auxo Medical’s ECG machines offer powerful data analysis functions to promote accuracy and maximum decision-making efficiency for any medical practitioner.

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  • GE MAC 5500

    Built on GE innovation in ECG acquisition and analysis, the MAC 5500 HD Resting ECG System is a premier ECG system, delivering advanced ...
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  • Mortara ELI 250 ECG Machine

    Compact and lightweight, the ELI 250c Electrocardiograph provides comprehensive functionality in an easy-to-use, portable device. ...
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  • Welch Allyn Schiller AT-2 Plus

    SCHILLER’s AT-2 light offers the economics of a low cost unit with many of the high end features needed to care for your patients. The ...
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  • Edan SE-1010, PC-based

    PC-based ECG SE-1010 provides you an affordable and portable 12-channel ECG solution with powerful data analysis functions. Optional ...
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  • Welch Allyn CP150

    The Welch Allyn CP 150™ Resting Electrocardiograph (ECG) with optional spirometry combines the best traditional box ECG features like ...
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  • Atria 6100

    The Atria 6100 is a practical, portable ECG / EKG machine for hospitals and cardiology clinics. The Atria 6100 portable ECG helps ...
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  • Burdick 8300

    The Burdick 8300 is a practical, no-nonsense ECG device. The Burdick 8300 ECG / EKG has a friendly user interface and clear, readable ...
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  • GE Mac 5000 EKG

    MAC® 5000, GE’s premier ECG system, delivers advanced disease management capabilities through its vast collection of proven algorithms. ...
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  • Edan SE-601 Series ECG

    Six-channel ECG SE-601 series : SE-601A, SE-601B, SE-601C, cost-effective solutions including hospital wards, routine check, home visit ...
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  • Edan SE-12 Express ECG

    The twelve-channel ECG SE-12 Express is a special system of smart ECG series, which support both resting ECG and Exercise ECG. ...
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  • GE MAC 1200

    The MAC* 1200 digital, 12-lead electrocardiograph system offers comprehensive ECG solutions with practical features that help meet the ...
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  • Edan SE-1200 and SE-1200 Express ECG

    Excellent cost performance with built-in high-resolution thermal printer. You can record 12 ECG traces on A4 size and US Letter-size ...
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  • Mortara ELI250 ECG Machine

    Full-featured and durable electrocardiograph with a range of connectivity options Features: