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Norav Stress System, Wireless, Win 10, with Treadmill

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The Norav Stress System represents a state-of-the-art solution for cardiovascular assessment, seamlessly integrating with Windows 10 through a wireless module and including a robust treadmill designed for clinical settings. This system is not only user-friendly but also equipped with advanced diagnostic tools that connect easily to any PC via USB. It boasts a comprehensive suite of features aimed at enhancing diagnostic accuracy and patient safety, including a standard 12-lead detachable cable, built-in defibrillation protection, and automatic arrhythmia detection. The free software updates for the lifetime of the product ensure that practitioners always have access to the latest advancements. Additionally, the system supports a variety of protocols and offers automatic control of treadmills and optional ergometers. With capabilities like Heart Rate Recovery Score, dynamic ST monitoring, and detailed PDF report exports, the Norav Stress System is a cost-effective yet powerful option for both office and hospital use. Please note, the setup does not include a Computer Tower, and installation is not included.

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Norav Stress System, Wireless, Windows 10, with Treadmill


  • Wireless module
  • Software
  • Leadwires
  • FREE software updates for lifetime of product
  • Interface cable from stress to treadmill
  • Treadmill


• PC-ECG connects via USB to any PC
• Diagnostic performance for competitive price
• Standard 12 Lead detachable cable
• allowing for maximum safety and comfort.
• Built in defibrillation protection
• office or hospital with no signal degradation.
• Complementary software package:
• Scroll back during study to view past ECG and Play back
• Automatic Arrhythmia detection, print and capture: VPB and SVPB
• Retrospective J point and Isoelectric placement (on stored study)
• PDF report/export
• HRR/Heart Rate Recovery Score
• Selectable Trigger Lead
• Remote View tool
• Dynamic ST
• CleanTrace computer synthesized rhythm
• DICOM Encapsulated PDF
• Prints during test at user request and automatically on plain paper
• Acquisition, display and analysis of all 12 leads
• Display and print out of ST measurements/trends + ST Slopes
• User defined J point. Controllable during study //
• Blood Pressure entrance. Manually or add on controllable monitor
• Heart Rate achieved/expected display and trend.
• Display of 12 beats averaged or enlarged single beat
• Save full disclosure study on disk and Post Processing
• Standard protocols: Bruce,Mod. Bruce, Balke, Naughton, Ellestad, Kattus,USAFSAM, MacHenry.
• Unlimited User Programmable Protocols.
• Automatic control of treadmills, ergometers and blood pressure (optional)
Treadmill, 220 volts

Does not include Computer Tower

Set up not included

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