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  • Edan F6 Twins Fetal Monitor

    The Edan F6 Fetal Monitor contains the power necessary for multi-bed units while maintaining a simplistic design suitable for private ... $8,991.67 Learn More
  • Edan Acclarix AX8

    The Acclarix AX8 ultrasound system is a fully featured portable diagnostic ultrasound platform designed from the ground up with a ... Quote only Learn More
  • Edan DUS 60 VET

    The DUS 60 (2013) VET is an impressive new compact ultrasound system providing superb value and best-in-class quality across a wide ... Quote only Learn More
  • Edan IM70

    Embedded with the latest improved designs, iM70 is meant to add splendors to the i Series portfolio and answer for the latest clinical ... $3,353.00 Learn More
  • Edan IM60

    With selectable optional parameters including IBP, cardiac output and capnography, iM60 can adapt to a wide range of sub-acute ... $3,183.00 Learn More
  • Edan SE-1010, PC-based

    PC-based ECG SE-1010 provides you an affordable and portable 12-channel ECG solution with powerful data analysis functions. Optional ... $1,995.00 Learn More
  • Edan F6 & F6 Express Fetal Monitor

    F6 is a high end hospital grade monitor designed for multi-bed units with central station, yet simple enough for private practice. It ... Quote only Learn More
  • Edan F9 & F9 Express Fetal Monitor

    F9 is high-end fetal & maternal monitor, it offers the most advanced integrated monitoring for the delivery room in big ... Quote only Learn More
  • Edan SD5 & SD6 Ultrasonic Tabletop Doppler

    Ultrasonic tabletop Doppler SD5 and SD6 are the innovative development of Edan’s Fetal Doppler category. The application of infrared ... Quote only Learn More
  • Edan SE-601 Series ECG

    Six-channel ECG SE-601 series : SE-601A, SE-601B, SE-601C, cost-effective solutions including hospital wards, routine check, home visit ... Quote only Learn More
  • Edan SE-1200 and SE-1200 Express ECG

    Excellent cost performance with built-in high-resolution thermal printer. You can record 12 ECG traces on A4 size and US Letter-size ... $2,995.00 Learn More
  • Edan H100B

    As a handheld pulse oximeter, H100B is designed to serve the needs of both long-term monitoring and spot check. It’s dedicated to offer ... $359.74 Learn More
  • Edan M3B

    With SpO2 (Nellcor Oximax optional) and Respironics CO2 monitoring technologies, the M3B ensures effective capnography monitoring for ... $2,960.00 Learn More
  • Edan M3

    Proven to be a durable and efficient solution for outpatients, ambulance and general wards, the new M3 brings effective vital signs ... $1,927.67 Learn More
  • Edan IM80

    The iM80 is dedicated to high-accuracy and user-friendly healthcare solutions especially for high-acuity divisions. With the latest ... $4,010.21 Learn More
  • Edan IM50

    Representing a new generation of patient monitors by EDAN, the iM50 brings you excellent transportation experiences. Its portable ... $2,568.00 Learn More
  • Edan Elite V8

    The Edan elite V8 Modular Patient Monitor is engineered specially for high-acuity divisions.  The elite V8 dedicates to bringing ... $3,544.00 Learn More
  • Edan Sonotrax Series Fetal Dopplers

    SonoTrax Series Ultrasonic Pocket Dopplers provide caregivers with the most cost effective solution to meet the routine obstetric and ... $189.38 Learn More