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Edan X8 Touch Screen Patient Monitor w/ Printer

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3/5 lead ECG, EDAN NIBP, EDAN Spo2, 2-Temp, RESP, PR and HR

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Standard parameters:
3/5 lead ECG, EDAN NIBP, EDAN Spo2, 2-Temp, RESP, PR and HR

8GB internal memory and built in wifi allows for easy review and data transfer to an EMR.

Per patient you can store:
240 hours of trend graph and trend table review
200 sets of alarm review
200 sets of arrhythmia review
1200 sets of NIBP review
48 hours of full disclosure waveform review

Includes one of each:
Cuff.E9 NIBP Cuff, Adult, 27cm-35cm, reusable with EDAN logo
V-NIBP.TUBE Reusable NIBP Tube for reusable cuffs, 3m
02.57.225029 SpO2 Finger Sensor, Adult, 2.5m, integrated, 7 pin
V-ECG.3LS 3 Lead ECG Cable, Snap, Integrated, 12 Pin
01.15.040225 2-pin Adult skin temperature probe (10K/25°C)
01.21.064380 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (10.8V, 2550mAh)
01.13.036106 Power Cord (USA standard)
11.13.114214 Ground Cable
N/A User Manual
Includes Printer

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in