Pelton & Crane Validator 10


The Pelton & Crane Validator 10 Autoclave is a economical, light-capacity sterilizing unit designed to accommodate the needs of small medical, dental, and other practices requiring reliable and safe access to sterilization equipment. Incorporated are a variety of safety and efficiency features, such as a door lock, which prevents the door from being opened while the chamber is pressurized. It also features a set of microprocessor-controlled features to ensure effective and safe operation; a vent valve will automatically open if chamber pressure exceeds specification with alarm and secondary release. Similar functionality exists for heat and electrical levels, as well as a sensor to prevent chamber overfilling. Unique “Pressure Locking” Door Design. Provides maximum safety.

  • Automatic shut off and automatic venting system.
  • Temperature and pressure gauges. Allow you to always be in control of the status and operation of the sterilizer.
  • Safety Valve – Prevents excessive pressure build-up in chamber.
  • Common parts can be easily replaced.
  • You may insert the instruments wrapped, or unwrapped
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Additional information

Weight 145 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 30 × 30 in



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