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Tuttnauer LABSCI 60LV Vertical Autoclave

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The Tuttnauer LabSci 60LV Vertical Lab Autoclave represents a significant advancement in steam sterilization technology, particularly suited for educational institutions and research facilities. This top-loading autoclave, part of Tuttnauer’s T-Lab ECO line, is engineered for economic and efficient sterilization of both liquids and solids, boasting a generous 60-liter chamber capacity. Its design facilitates ease of use with a height of just over three feet and a top-loading feature that eliminates the need for counter space. Enhanced mobility is provided by swivel wheels, allowing for easy relocation within the lab environment. The autoclave offers high functionality with four validated programs and sixteen customizable options, making it versatile for a variety of sterilization needs including plastics, textiles, glass, and instruments. Its user-friendly interface features a high-resolution touchscreen, and the device requires no complex plumbing for installation—simply plug it into a power source. With additional features like built-in temperature probes, a cooling fan, and memory for up to 999 cycles, the Tuttnauer LabSci 60LV is designed to optimize lab workflow and productivity, while ensuring rigorous sterilization standards are met.

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Tuttnauer LabSci 60LV Vertical Lab Autoclave is a top loading steam sterilizer for liquids and solids. This is part of Tuttnauer’s T-Lab ECO or economic line developed especially for educational institutions and research facilities.

Chamber Volume: 60 Liters or 15.9 gallons
WARRANTY: 2 years parts & labor

Maximize productivity and workflow in your facility with the new Tuttnauer LabSci 60LV laboratory autoclave. This sterilizer can sit right on the floor, just over 3 feet tall, without taking up any counterspace. Rather than a door that swings to the left or right, like standard tabletop autoclaves, this unit opens from the top and can be loaded vertically. Don’t like where it is located in your lab? No problem! The LabSci 60LV includes swivel wheels – just push it to a better location and lock them in place.

Cylindrical autoclaves offer optimal performance within a small space. They are easier to operate, less expensive to maintain and are more reliable with a longer life-term. This sterilizer can fit up to four 2000 mL Schott-Duran Flasks/bottles or three 2000 mL Erlenmeyer Flasks. It comes with 4 validate programs and an additional 16 fully customizable programs. It’s compatible for liquid sterilization, plastic sterilization, textiles sterilization, glass sterilization and instrument sterilization.

Features & Benefits:

  • Simple to use – Multi-colored, high-resolution touchscreen control makes it simple operate. Just follow the prompts!
  • Easy to install – no plumbing required.
  • Integrated Temperature Probes: Includes 2 temperature probes to prevent boil-over and ensuring proper sterilization.
  • Four validated cycles (glass, plastic, liquid A and liquid B-waste)
  • Large loads: Perfect for large horizontal objects like Bioreactors
  • Built-in cooling fan AND built-in MEMORY of 999 cycles
  • Plug and Play – just need a power source! Swivel wheels are lockable.
  • Includes two stainless steel wire baskets 14.2″ x 7.4″H
  • Options: Warming (95° to 104°C), Isothermal (80° to 94°C), F0, 21 CFR with R.PC.R software, Biohazard filter
  • Optional LabSci autoclave printer
  • Optional thermal printer
  • Optional stainless steel basket 13.7″ x 12.6″H
  • Optional Leakage Tray 13.6″ x 1.6″H
  • The Tuttnauer ECO LabSCI series guarantees compliance and makes record keeping easy with multiple ways to access cycle data. Connect with standard USB to download and store data digitally, external printer for paper reports, or use WiFi cloud connection for remote monitoring.

Total Dimension: 25.4″ x 38.8″ x 31.9″,
Chamber Capacity: 15.4″x19.9″
Elec: 220V-240V, Single-phase

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