Tuttnauer Plasmax 160 Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer

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The PlazMax sterilizer inactivates micro-organisms with Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) vapor and plasma. It sterilizes medical devices by diffusing H2O2 into the chamber and then converting the H2O2 molecules into a plasma state.
The sterilization occurs inside the chamber by means of H2O2 vapor. The PlazMax utilizes the bacterium killing power of free radicals in the H2O2 molecules released by applying heat to the H2O2 gas in the vaporizer.
The combined use of H2O2 vapor and plasma, safely and quickly sterilizes medical instruments and materials without leaving dangerous residues, thus offering an effective, reliable, economical, and easy sterilization method.

• Green technology – non-toxic emissions to the environment

Sophisticated HMI Touch Screen
• Multi-color display
• Multilingual (26 languages)
• Real-time dynamic graph display (chamber pressure &
cycle process)
• Process data display (pressure, temperature,
vaporizer temperature)
• Real-time graphical display of cycle parameters

R.PC.R Software
Automatic tracking cycle information to your PC (optional). Allows remote monitoring of the sterilizer’s operation.

Clean Technology:
Non-toxic sterilizing agent
No water consumption
Decreased electricity consumption
No toxic residue, only water and oxygen

Cycle Times (average):
Normal Cycle (Non-hollow loads): 43 min
Advanced Cycle (Hollow loads): 48 min
Endoscope: 41 min

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