Steris HC-900 Evolution Sterilizer

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HC-900 26 x 37-1/2 x 42″ Chamber

AMSCO® Evolution® Steam Sterilizers
are configured for prevacuum
sterilization of heat- and moisture-stable
materials used in healthcare facilities.
These units can be equipped with
prevacuum, Steam Flush Pressure Pulse
(SFPP), gravity, liquid, and daily air
removal test cycles which use, for
example, a Bowie-Dick test pack or a
Dart® testing apparatus to determine the
effectiveness of removing air from a
sterilizer chamber

Hinged door for 26 x 37.5″ (660 x 953
mm) sterilizers. Door may be hinged
on either left side or right side.

All plumbing components are
mounted to a free-standing, modular
rack (stand). The stand connects to the
core sterilizer assembly during

Able to fit four full shelves of 25 lb

Facility Steam Size: Copper/Brass 3/4″ NPT, Stainless Steel 1″ Sanitary TRI-CLAMP®* fitting.
Pressure: 50 to 80 psig (3.45 to 5.5 bar), dynamic, condensate free, and 97 to 100% vapor quality
Average Steam consumption: 63lbs/hr Steam
Peak Steam Consumption: 310 lbs/hr Steam

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