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Tuttnauer Model 69B-SCP Pre-Vac Steam Sterilizer

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The Tuttnauer Model 69B-SCP Pre-Vac Steam Sterilizer boasts an impressive array of features designed to meet the rigorous sterilization needs of modern laboratories and medical facilities. With its spacious internal chamber dimensions of 24″W x 36″H x 48″D, this free-standing unit is encased in a durable stainless steel cabinet and comes equipped with a single, automatic hinged door for ease of use. It utilizes house-supplied steam within a 50-80 PSI range and is controlled by a BacSoft microprocessor featuring a 7” color touch screen for intuitive operation. The sterilizer offers a variety of cycles, including Gravity, Liquid, and Pre-Vac, along with essential test cycles like Vacuum Leak and Bowie Dick Tests, ensuring high sterilization standards are consistently met. Its construction includes stainless steel threaded piping, with components made from brass and stainless steel, ensuring longevity and reliability. The air-operated valves, liquid ring vacuum pump, and effluent condensate cooler further enhance its performance, while the inclusion of a loading cart and transfer carriage simplifies the handling of materials. Additionally, Tuttnauer provides a reassuring 1-year parts and labor warranty, alongside an extended 15-year warranty on the pressure vessel, underscoring their confidence in the product’s quality and durability.

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Tuttnauer Model 69B-SCP Pre-Vac Steam Sterilizer


Internal Chamber Dimensions: 24″W x 36″H x 48″D
Door Configuration: Single, Automatic Hinged Door
Steam Supply: House Supplied (50-80 PSI)
Mounting: Free-Standing with Stainless Steel Cabinet
Controls: BacSoft Microprocessor with 7” Color Touch Screen
Printer: Alphanumeric, Thermal
Cycles: Gravity, Liquid, Pre-Vac
Test Cycles: Vacuum Leak Test, Bowie Dick Test
Piping: Stainless Steel Threaded
Components: Brass and Stainless Steel (Non-Proprietary)
Valves: Air-Operated Valves
Air Source: Air Compressor
Vacuum System: Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump (3-Phase Power Required, 208V or 480V)
Condensate Cooler: Effluent cooled to below 140 degrees
Chamber: 316L Stainless Steel
Jacket: 304L Stainless Steel
Loading Equipment: Loading Cart and Transfer Carriage Included

1-Year Parts and Labor Warranty
15-Year Pressure Vessel Warranty

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