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What Kinds of Biomedical Equipment Repair Does Auxo Medical Offer?

Auxo Medical is a leading provider of biomedical equipment repair services for healthcare providers across the United States. Since 1998, we have been a trusted partner for healthcare facilities in need of equipment maintenance and repair services. If you need a piece of medical equipment serviced, repaired, or replaced, our expert technicians are up to the task.

Here are the different types of repair services offered by Auxo Medical:

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the key to keeping biomedical equipment functioning at its best. We perform regular preventive maintenance on equipment so that healthcare facilities can avoid dealing with costly breakdowns. Preventative maintenance is also an effective way to keep all fundamental equipment operating within manufacturer specifications.

Auxo Medical offers a wide range of maintenance services, including equipment cleaning, calibration, and testing. Our team of highly trained technicians can perform these services on a variety of equipment. From anesthesia machines to patient monitors, we can help keep your equipment in top condition.

On-site Repair

When equipment breaks down, it can be disruptive to patient care and costly to the facility. Broken equipment can be especially problematic at emergency facilities or locations with a high patient volume. To deliver each patient the care that they need and deserve, you need your equipment to work reliably.

We understand the importance of timely solutions to unexpected breakdowns. That is why Auxo Medical offers on-site biomedical equipment repair services. Our goal is to minimize downtime and get your equipment back up and running quickly. Our technicians are equipped with the tools and expertise to diagnose and repair equipment directly within your facility, minimizing the need for costly equipment replacements.

Depot Repair

In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to send equipment off-site for repair. This is especially true for complicated equipment or machines that require specific parts. Broken specialty components sometimes need to be ordered and shipped from manufacturers, which can take time. Off-site repair may also be necessary so technicians can have any specialty tools and supplies they may need for a full repair service.

Auxo Medical’s depot repair services allow healthcare facilities to send equipment to our state-of-the-art repair facility for diagnosis and repair. We offer a quick turnaround time for depot repairs, making sure that you get your equipment back as soon as possible.

Parts and Accessories

Along with our professional repair services, Auxo Medical also offers a wide selection of parts and accessories for biomedical equipment. Our inventory includes parts for patient monitors, infusion pumps, ventilators, and more. We also offer accessories such as cables, leads, and probes to help keep each machine functioning at its best.

Parts and accessories can be useful when you would like to upgrade rather than replace a piece of equipment. Hiring a professional to come and add the desired components to the machine may save you time and money in the long run.

Equipment Sales and Rentals

For small facilities or low-priority tasks, it can be more cost-effective to rent or purchase refurbished equipment. Our refurbishing facilities accept old equipment from companies that are expanding or upgrading. This equipment is often in good condition, and our refurbishing specialists work to bring each piece up to industry standard. The goal is to offer providers a more affordable alternative to brand-new equipment.

Auxo Medical has a variety of sales and rental options to meet the needs of healthcare facilities. Our inventory includes a wide range of equipment, from infusion pumps to surgical lights. We also offer flexible rental options to accommodate facilities’ changing needs.

Safety Testing and Inspections

The safety of patients and staff is a top priority for healthcare facilities. Auxo Medical offers safety testing and inspections to help your company comply with local regulations and industry requirements. This is a proactive way to help avoid future risks and potential costs associated with malfunctioning machinery.

Our technicians can regularly service your equipment to verify that it is functioning safely and properly. They are trained to perform safety testing and inspections on a variety of equipment, including electrical safety testing, gas leak testing, and performance testing.

Biomedical Consulting

Beyond regular repair and maintenance services, Auxo Medical offers biomedical consulting services. In the ever-evolving world of medical technology, we’re here to keep you up to date on your best options.

We work hard to help facilities make informed decisions about their medical equipment needs. Our team of experts can provide guidance on equipment purchases, equipment maintenance, and equipment retirement to help facilities make the most of their investments.

Choose Auxo Medical for Biomedical Equipment Repair

At Auxo Medical we offer a wide range of biomedical equipment repair services to healthcare facilities across the United States. From preventive maintenance to on-site repairs, we’re here to help keep your business up and running successfully. If you have any questions about medical equipment or are in need of repair services, contact us today.

The Importance Of Preventative Maintenance For Your Medical Equipment

Auxo Medical - Medical Equipment Maintenance and Repair
Your medical equipment is a vital part of your business, and it is important to keep it well-maintained to prolong its lifespan. That is where preventative maintenance comes in. Preventative maintenance is a scheduled service visit by a qualified technician to clean, out-of-range, and inspect your biomedical equipment. By keeping up with preventative maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs, minimize downtime, and extend the life of your investment.


Auxo Medical offers preventative maintenance plans for your sterilizers, autoclaves, and other medical equipment. Our plans are customized to meet the unique needs of your surgery center, hospital, or laboratory. Learn more about the importance of preventative maintenance for your medical equipment and how Auxo Medical can help you keep your equipment in top condition.


Why is preventative maintenance important for your medical equipment?

Preventive maintenance is an important part of keeping your medical equipment in top condition. It is a regularly scheduled service visit by a qualified technician to clean, out-of-range test, and inspect your medical equipment for any potential issues. Through regular preventative maintenance by an Auxo Medical professional, issues with your medical equipment can often be detected before it breaks down, thus avoiding the cost of repairs and the inevitable downtime it would cause. The technician will be able to identify any potential factors that could lead to a breakdown, such as worn or defective parts or improper usage. Maintenance helps ensure that medical equipment is properly functioning, which is key for providing accurate, efficient care. Preventive maintenance also helps extend the life of your medical equipment, so you don’t need to prematurely replace your investments. Finally, regular maintenance helps maintain the safety of your medical equipment and its users.


What are the benefits of Auxo Medical’s preventative maintenance?

The benefits of preventative maintenance are numerous. Regular service visits by our qualified service technicians help to extend the longevity of your medical equipment, increase its performance and accuracy, and reduce the risk of unanticipated and costly repairs. Preventative maintenance may also help you avoid costly downtime due to repairs, as any potential problems can be discovered and fixed in a timely manner. In addition, preventative maintenance helps ensure that medical equipment is functioning as intended for patient and staff safety. Regulatory and medical design standards must be met, and maintenance helps ensure that all safety requirements are abided by. Finally, preventive maintenance provides a unique opportunity for staff training and demonstration of proper use, as the technician can provide guidance and answer any questions.


How often should you perform preventative maintenance on your medical equipment?

The frequency of preventive maintenance depends on a few factors, including the type of medical equipment, whether it’s used for patient diagnostics, or general use. The manufacturer’s recommendations should be followed for the particular medical equipment, as this will ensure optimal performance and accuracy. Additionally, if any changes are made to the equipment, the frequency of maintenance may need to be adjusted accordingly. Keeping in contact with your Auxo Medical team regarding maintenance and repair will ensure uptime and accuracy of your equipment.


What are some tips for preventative maintenance?

Performing preventative maintenance on your medical equipment is a key part of ensuring it functions properly and lasts a long time. Here are some tips to help keep your equipment in top shape:
  1. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations as closely as possible.
  2. Schedule preventive maintenance visits at least once a year.
  3. Be sure to have a qualified technician perform secure installations and repair work.
  4. Ensure that all your medical equipment is adequately cleaned and appropriately organized.
  5. Make sure your equipment is inspected for any loose components or degraded parts.
  6. Conduct performance tests on equipment to verify its accuracy.


The Importance Of Preventative Maintenance For Your Medical Equipment

The importance of preventative maintenance for your medical equipment cannot be overstated. Regular maintenance visits by a qualified Auxo Medical service technician help to extend the life of your equipment and keep it functioning as it should. In addition, preventive maintenance helps to ensure the accuracy of your medical equipment, providing the best care for your patients. Finally, preventive maintenance helps to minimize costly repairs and downtime due to breakdowns. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendation, and schedule service visits regularly to keep your medical equipment in the best shape. Auxo Medical offers plans to help you maintain your equipment and keep it in top working order. Visit our Service Maintenance and Repair page for more details and to contact us for your maintenance or repair quote.
Auxo Medical Service & repair

Use Auxo Medical for All Your Medical Equipment Maintenance Needs

If you work for an ambulatory surgery center, hospital, laboratory, or any other medical facility, then you likely have equipment that requires servicing and repairs. Reducing equipment downtime can reduce the need for rescheduling patients, and allows you to stick to your schedule. If you are in need of medical equipment maintenance, then Auxo Medical’s qualified technicians can help.

About Auxo Medical

We are a company that provides quality new and refurbished medical equipment as well as maintenance and repairs. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the reliable customer service you expect from a small business but with the resources, benefits and quality that larger suppliers offer. If you have equipment that requires maintenance, we can provide cost-effective repairs, or upgrade your equipment if necessary.

Our Medical Equipment Maintenance Services

If you are in need of repairs but have a budget to stick to, then Auxo Medical could be your solution. Our technicians have over 50 years of combined experience and are certified to repair different types of medical equipment.

Biomedical Equipment Service & Repair

With an AAMI Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician (CBET), the highest certification that can be achieved, on staff we use the certified knowledge, experience and skills each day for the benefit of our service clients. Auxo Medical technicians attend specialized manufacturer training conferences along with repairing and rebuilding equipment daily in our refurbished products division. The types of services that we provide for biomedical equipment are:

  • Repairs
  • Calibrations
  • Biomedical preventative maintenance

We can provide these services onsite, and only use certified biomedical testing equipment. Reports of these services can be logged into your company portal or sent immediately upon request, so you have access to them whenever you need them. In the event that you need a loan on a specific piece of equipment while we are working on yours, we have loans available in every equipment category.

To see what brands and product types we service, visit our website.

Sterile Processing Maintenance

We also offer maintenance for sterile processing equipment. Our aim is to make sure your facility is operating under joint commission standards. We only use certified thermocouples when calibrating your equipment, so we produce accurate results. We also offer water testing if you are concerned about your water quality and feel that it may be negatively impacting your saturated steam generation. If the results are unsatisfactory, we can install or provide you with products that can help solve the underlying problem.

If you need upgraded equipment, we can either refurbish your equipment onsite or we can provide you with an updated product for a fraction of the cost of new equipment.

Anesthesia Equipment Servicing

Our Certified Biomedical Equipment Technicians are factory certified by both Mindray and GE. Auxo Medical technicians have refurbishment experience with many different anesthesia machines, so they are comfortable working on different models. We also provide our technicians with parts and OEM preventative maintenance kits for current and older equipment.

If you are interested in having a vaporizer output test done on your anesthesia machine, we have the capability to do so. Using an industry-certified gas flowmeter, we can test flow rate and anesthetic agent composition against vaporizer settings to make sure your machine is operating correctly.

What You Can Expect From Us on All Repairs

We recognize that the medical equipment maintenance needs for different types of equipment vary. We make sure to handle each repair with these specific needs in mind. There are a few things that you can expect from Auxo Medical with every repair:

  • Only trained and qualified technicians will complete your medical equipment repairs.
  • Records on your equipment and repairs will be uploaded to your company portal.
  • Equipment loans and rentals are available if needed.
  • Cost-effective upgrades and refurbished equipment will be available.
  • Medical equipment valuation and liquidation services if requested.

We also offer service plans, many of which are equivalent to the equipment manufacturer’s plan, but with lower hourly repair rates. See our different tiers and what each tier offers on our website. Emergency services are also available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Contact Auxo Medical Today

Having equipment that is up to date may be necessary for your facility to be safe and efficient. Equipment that is not properly maintained can be unsafe for patients and may increase your facility’s downtime. Contact Auxo Medical today if you need repairs, calibration, or medical equipment maintenance.