Mindray A4 Advantage Anesthesia System

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A4 Advantage Anesthesia System with Gas Module capability includes microprocessor controlled bellows ventilator with:

Built in 15″ touch screen, dual selectatec manifold, on screen virtual flow Indicators for O2, air and N2O, aux 02/air blender,
Warmed breathing system,
Three storage drawers,
Individual wheel brakes,
Waste gas scavenger system,
Pipeline connections for O2 and air.

Includes, tank washers, pre-operation check list, and aux 02/air reference card. Additional ventilation modes and low flow optimizer available. (Must include one accessories kit sales BOM with each A4)

121-001428-00O2 Sensor and Accessories Kit Sales BOM (A4 Advantage)-Includes Software CD, O2 Sensor, and Two Lithium-Ion Batteries.
110-005769-00 PCV vent mode stand-alone option
0004-00-0077-11 O2 Gas Supply Hose, 15 ft, Ohmeda
0004-00-0078-11 N2O Gas Supply Hose, 15 ft, Ohmeda
0004-00-0079-11 Air Gas Supply Hose, 15 ft, Ohmeda
0004-00-0080-13 VAC Gas Supply Hose, 15 ft, Ohmeda
0004-00-0081-11 EVAC Gas Supply Hose, 15 ft, Ohmeda
0004-00-0081-31 EVAC DISS to VAC Ohmeda Gas Supply Hose, 15 ft

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