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Medical equipment is essential to ensure proper treatment and save lives. However, due to several factors including equipment upgrades, moving to a new facility with larger or smaller space, retirement or business closure, the need for disposal of currently held medical equipment. This leads to the need for medical equipment liquidation services. Auxo Medical offers medical equipment valuation and liquidation services to healthcare facilities and laboratories looking to find a financial and environmental beneficial way to offload their unneeded medical equipment.

Auxo Medical Provides Medical Equipment Valuation and Liquidation Services:

Auxo Medical is a leading name in the medical equipment industry and has more than 20 years of experience in the field. We offer a wide range of services to healthcare facilities and labs looking to properly liquidate their medical equipment. The first step in the process is to have the equipment valued. Auxo Medical professionals are experts in determining the market value of medical equipment, which ensures that the healthcare facility receives a fair price for their equipment.

Valuation Process:

The valuation process involves a thorough inspection of the equipment to determine its condition, functionality, and market demand. Whether your facility is liquidating, upgrading, or just needs an accounting of medical equipment for insurance purposes, knowing the value of your equipment is critical. Once valuated,  if the need is to liquidate, we will we move on to the liquidation process for the best possible solution of disposal of the equipment.

Liquidation Process:

Once the healthcare facility has agreed to the valuation and decided on a course of action, Auxo Medical will proceed with the liquidation process. This involves the efficient removal of the equipment from the facility and transportation to a secure location. Auxo Medical ensures that each transaction is handled with professionalism and with the most fair price possible.

Contact Auxo Medical for your Medical or Lab Equipment Valuation and Liquidation

Auxo Medical provides a valuable service to healthcare facilities and labs looking to properly dispose of their unneeded medical equipment. Through expert valuation and efficient liquidation, Auxo Medical ensures a fair value is received for the equipment and that the process is handled in a professional and secure manner. When it comes to medical equipment liquidation, Auxo Medical is a name that healthcare facilities can trust. Contact us today to discuss your equipment valuation or liquidation.