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We’ve got some exciting news!

In an effort to deliver additional value for our customers, Auxo Medical is excited to announce the launch of our new blog beginning this month!

We pride ourselves on being a turnkey, one-stop shop, whether we focus on quality new or refurbished equipment, repair savings, or improved operational cost-efficiency, and now we will also provide educational assets in the form of white paper / tip sheets, e-books, a newsletter, and an extensive blog.

The bimonthly blog posts will cover a variety of topics, ultimately growing into a resource library — to help inform and strengthen your knowledge base in the medical equipment realm.

The subject matter will span a wide spectrum — from pain points, to industry insights, to highlighting our customers’ case studies. In a special #AskAuxo series, we will answer service-related, preventative, and technical questions such as tackling OR beds that may not be functioning correctly, and how to reset an alarm on washers.

Be sure to visit our website and check-in frequently to take advantage of the latest content. If you’d like to suggest a blog topic for Auxo Medical to consider, please email your ideas here or simply fill out the form below!

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