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What are the benefits of using a single source vendor for purchasing medical equipment? This seems like an obvious answer for a common question, but the truth is, there is so much more to it than cost savings.

These days more than ever before, the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) procurement team is under a lot of pressure to provide high quality equipment, within or under budget, while considering the needs (and opinions) of front line medical stakeholders.

Sure — aligning with a single source vendor can provide a tremendous amount of value, and it’s worth mentioning the perks:

  • Improved bargaining power to reduce costs
  • Time savings in monitoring vendor performance
  • Improved supplier responsiveness

However some crucial areas that cannot be overlooked also include:

  • Enhanced attention to innovation and design collaboration
  • Dedication to planning for expansion, inventory control and alternative product options

One aspect that is often not fully realized is proper planning of medical equipment purchasing.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
Abraham Lincoln

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
Benjamin Franklin

The importance of thoughtful and developed planning cannot be overstated.


noun: plan
a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.

When a single source medical equipment vendor also serves as a planner, the relationship is exponentially more valuable.


For an existing ASC, having the appropriate equipment in place all comes back to effective planning. Planning for acquisition, maintenance, and anticipating updates to new or refurbished equipment as needed.

Another asset that a single source medical equipment vendor who also qualifies as a planner brings to the table is assisting with inventory — creation as well as ongoing updates. The result is keeping an accurate record of existing equipment, helping to identify the actual location of each piece of equipment, and eliminating unnecessary duplicate purchases.

Cataloging inventory should be an ongoing process. Having a pulse on the equipment’s landscape provides a real-time assessment of an ASC’s needs. This key step in planning plays a major part in consolidating lead times when new or refurbished medical equipment are needed. Acquiring equipment in a matter of days vs a couple of months is an important advantage.


Of course the ultimate objective of having well-functioning medical devices is to ensure patient safety and quality outcomes. But to be able to achieve this while still saving thousands of dollars is the best case scenario. This can be achieved through upfront planning.

An expert equipment facilitator can help simplify the process and shore up costly modifications such as electrical, plumbing, and climate conditioning. Accuracy is everything — from equipment choice, to placement, to delivery timing.or-pic

The architect on a new or renovated project certainly plays a pivotal role in planning, however they do not have the knowledge or experience necessary for proper equipment selection. Not only will they need assistance in allowing for proper sizing and location of equipment placing, but also specific details that have a direct effect on patients’ healthcare, such as misplaced electrical outlets. Not to mention, an oversight such as this results in unaccounted revenue spend to remedy the problems and healthcare delivery inefficiencies.

Collaborating with the contractor’s construction schedule has many benefits. Not properly forecasting the purchasing, delivery and installation equates to either tying up capital by buying too early, or delaying equipment if purchasing happens too late. This can be avoided simply by planning ahead, and having someone solely accountable for the moving parts and details.


A single-source medical equipment partner who has planning experience can help determine the best solution for your specific needs while reducing costs and saving time. They offer a one-stop, single source to help problem solve with you, which is much more convenient than tackling through a rolodex of vendors. And as a recurring, loyal customer to a single-source vendor, you will likely have the focus of senior leadership so your requests, suggestions and feedback will be incredibly meaningful.

As you look for a medical equipment vendor, be sure they do not offer you stock solutions. They should be seen as your partner, and should not disappear after the installation has been checked off. Do they have highly-trained service technicians available 24/7? Are they flexible? Do they offer cost-effective maintenance options? And most importantly, do they have a proven track record for planning?

Auxo Medical is not classified as a manufacturer or a medical equipment provider. We have built a reputation and a value-added niche as a “consultative seller, refurbisher and servicer.” If you’d like to talk about how we may add value to your business, we invite you to schedule a pre-purchase consultation.

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