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Auxo in Action: USF and Richmond Spine Interventions

The Auxo Medical service team is dedicated to delivering superior service to customers and creating long-lasting relationships.

We instill this dedication through honestly, flexibility, commitment, and quality. 

The Richmond Spine Interventions and Pain Center and the University of South Florida are valued customers of Auxo Medical and our team is very appreciative to be able to help them provide service to their patients.

Deploying Cost-Effective Maintenance Strategies

In order to provide great routine maintenance on sterile processing equipment, it is vital that the equipment is performing optimally at the beginning of an annual preventative maintenance period. At the onset of a new Alpha level agreement on a piece of equipment, as a part of the initial preventative maintenance visit, our technicians perform a thorough reconditioning effort. 

After completion, they are able to easily provide preventative maintenance in the future, and ultimately greatly reduce downtime of the equipment.  Strategic care is vital to help our customers remain operationally efficient and maintain a high continuity of productivity.

Our partners at USF were delighted to see their sterile processing equipment in like-new condition. We received various positive reviews from the staff working closely with this equipment.

A manager at USF stated, “I’ve never seen the equipment look like this before and I’ve been here for 20 years”.

We thank our valued customers for their continued support of our service team and look forward to providing the service in the future.

Before and After: Steam Generator

Before and After: Steam Sterilizer

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