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Coping with Mental Health During Quarantine

Coping with Mental Health During Quarantine

Mental health has become significantly more crucial to Americans during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

A distinctive attribute of COVID-19 is that there are many unknowns. The sickness itself currently has no known cure or proven treatment. Additionally, there are contradicting pieces of information about what should be done to control the virus, which can result in anxiety and fear.

The caliber of this disease has caused people to significantly alter their day-to-day lives. And for those who were already suffering from anxiety before the global outbreak, they are having a particularly challenging time adjusting to these new conditions.

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Covid-19 Tracing Apps

Covid-19 Tracing Apps: A Valuable Tool to Slow the Spread

We are now five months into a global pandemic, and COVID-19 has taken an insurmountable tool on life as we know it.

As countries around the world work to come up with a proven vaccine, slow the spread in communities, and minimize lives taken by the virus, smartphone apps have become one of many strategies to do just that.

Since the virus can be transmitted from affected people through being in a close vicinity, health authorities have pinpointed “contact tracing” as a helpful tool.

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4 Virtual Reality Breakthroughs in Healthcare

Virtual reality (VR) has become an undeniable powerhouse within the healthcare industry.

The VR marketshare is forecasted to explode to nearly $4 billion this year in the medical ecosystem, as reported by global industry analysts. Grand View Research foresees the market expanding to an unprecedented $5 billion within the next five years.

This cutting edge technology is transforming the healthcare industry across a wide spectrum, from pain management, to training medical students and professionals.


Here are 4 key breakthroughs where VR is making history.

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