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Virginia's COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan

Understanding How Vaccines Work

Every year, millions of people safely receive vaccinations. All FDA-approved vaccines undergo comprehensive and laborious trials prior to being given to the public. Testing during the development process includes screenings to analyze which antigen should be utilized to solicit a response from our immune systems.

The stage that precedes clinical testing is conducted without testing on humans. An exploratory vaccine is initially used in animals to gauge its efficacy and ability to prevent illness. If the vaccine sparks a response from the immune system, then it can be investigated in human clinical trials; this typically takes place over three phases.

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Virtual Healthcare

Transitioning to a Virtual Climate in Healthcare

For the better part of 2020, the United States had to pivot to virtual healthcare, due to the pandemic. One industry, in particular, was both interrupted and reimagined during the COVID-19 crisis in healthcare.

Clinics and hospitals very quickly had to implement, or evolve, their telehealth services in order to see and care for their patients. This virtual tool became a critical component to COVID-19’s clinical response early on, and today still remains a necessary catalyst for delivering care.

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