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New Normal in Medicine

COVID-19: Navigating the New Normal in Medicine

Cities and states across America are taking steps for reopening after the coronavirus pandemic swept through homes, businesses, the economy, and our healthcare system.

A common topic of conversation is when and how will we ever go “back to normal.” As months pass and the country is still very much impacted by COVID-19, it is becoming clear that life as we know it will change.

Thanks to the coronavirus the healthcare industry was hit extremely hard on a variety of levels. Hospital administration and clinical leadership have revised protocols in order to account for slowing down the spread of COVID-19. 

Here are three key areas where the healthcare industry will navigate a new normal, for both patients and providers.

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Returning to the workforce

Returning to the Workplace – COVID-19 Considerations

After months of navigating pandemic quarantines, PPE procurement challenges, staggering economic ramifications, and lives tragically taken from COVID-19, Americans are slowly reintegrating back into public spaces, and back into the workforce.

Employers of all sizes will need to take a long, hard look at their operational practices in order to implement health and safety measures. These practices will need to abide by both the law and safety regulations.

In this blog post, we established some important areas for achieving safety as a part of a pandemic return-to-work strategy. Designing compromises for the workplace, and creating efficiencies, should be a top priority for businesses.

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