Draeger Fabius GS Anesthesia Machine

Draeger Fabius GS Anesthesia Machine

In an environment increasingly focused on cost issues, the anesthesia workplace Fabius GS offers an unprecedented price-performance ratio that will reduce your total cost of ownership. The ergonomic design of the Fabius GS facilitates efficient use and contributes to a positive, productive anesthesia workplace. Additionally, its modular concept allows you to configure precisely the workstation you require.

  • 2 vaporizer system
  • Ventilation modes: Pressure control, volume control, Pressure support (upgrade), w/ electronic PEEP
  • 3 gas system: O2, N2O, Air / O2 & N2O Tank Yokes
  • Aux O2 Flowmeter
  • AGSS Scavenging system
  • CLIC Soda Sorb System


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