Hospira Lifecare PCA3

Hospira Lifecare PCA3

In conjunction with Hospira MedNet software, this next-generation LifeCare PCA system offers an unmatched combination of features for patient-controlled analgesia therapy, including, Hospira MedNet Software with customizable drug libraries, integral bar code reader for medication identification of prefilled and custom-filled vials with pharmacy-generated bar codes, multiple medication rule sets for as many as 18 clinical care area, bar-coded, prefilled medication vials, stored protocols for quick, accurate programming of standing orders and easy-to-use design based on human factors research.


  • Wireless connectivity capability that facilitates real-time infusion monitoring, including support of real-time 5-rights verification.
  • Confirmation screens and stored protocols that are displayed on intuitive, easy-to-understand programming screens.
  • A built-in bar code reader to help confirm the right medication and the right concentration.
  • Pre-filled, bar-coded medication vials with colored labels that help reduce errors and assure a correct match to the hospital’s medication rule set.
  • A clear, easy-to-read numeric keypad that allows direct input of numbers.


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