Pelton & Crane Magnaclave

Pelton & Crane Magnaclave

The Pelton & Crane Magnaclave is a fully self-contained steam sterilizer with a large chamber, making it ideal for busy group practice, emergency clinics, surgery centers and small hospitals. The chamber capacity allows it to hold up to 14 Hu-Friedy cassettes or equivalent. The unit is sold with on basket try and one medium shallow tray. It is equipped with a safety valve which limits the maximum chamber pressure to 38 PSI. This unit is sold refurbished and includes a stand. Electrical Requirements: Dedicated 30 amp circuit/220-240 VAC or 208 VAC.

  • Large chamber capacity (16″ dia x 30″ deep)
  • Total Dimensions:28″W, 34.5″D, 23″ Tall (53″ Tall w/ Stand)
  • Safety lock system protects personnel from accidentally opening the door under pressure.
  • Completes a flash cycle in 18 minutes from a warm start, 35 minutes from a cold start. Drying phase not included
  • Reservoir drain is conveniently located on the front for easy cleaning.
  • Simple and easy door locking mechanism.
  • Water reservoir has large capacity to adequately cool condensed steam, reducing the need for refilling.
  • Water level indicator
  • Preheat feature allows faster sterilization time.
  • Optional Stand available


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