Skytron Integrity 215 Sterilizer

Skytron Integrity 215 Sterilizer

Building on Skytron’€™s history of quality and innovation, the 215 sterilizer is part of a family of sterilizers designed to meet the wide-ranging needs of today’€™s healthcare environments. Whether you’€™re outfitting a new facility, renovating an older one, or replacing outdated technology, Integrity sterilizers offer industry-changing efficiency, capacity, ease of use, and use of space.


  • Spacious 211.„2″ x 211.„2″ x 38″ sterilization chamber
  • Processes up to six 25-pound trays (150 pounds per cycle)
  • Integrated water recirculation system
  • 5.7″ LCD full-color touchscreen panel
  • Countdown timer and progression bar visible from more than 30€™
  • 12 standard and 12 fully customizable cycles
  • Electric-powered sliding door
  • Recessed foot-pedal and touchscreen door control
  • Stainless steel and copper piping
  • Dual-walled, fully jacketed stainless steel pressure vessel
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