Skytron J2 Series Warming Cabinets

Skytron J2 Series Warming Cabinets

Skytron’€™s J2 Series Warming Cabinets are designed to maintain clinically ideal temperatures for solution bottles, solution bags and blankets. Six models are available to provide optimum clinical storage requirements.

Counter Top Models: SS2201-J2, SS2201-J2G
Free Standing Models: SS2205-J2, SS2205-J2G, SS2207-J2, SS2207J2G


  • Double wall stainless steel construction with number 4 finish
  • Field reversible left or right hinged doors
  • Optional double paned, tempered glass doors
  • Heating compartments fully insulated with circulating fan
  • Two or three adjustable stainless shelves
  • Digital temperature controls for individual compartments
  • Recirculating fan in each compartment
  • Adjustable temperature range


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