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Healthcare disruptors



  1. interrupt (an event, activity, or process) by causing a disturbance or problem.
  2. drastically alter or destroy the structure of (something).

The evolution of healthcare is what it is today because of disruption. Innovators, inventions, trial and error, technology advancements, clinical trials — they all play a role in progressing as a global sector.

Behind the significant milestones within healthcare are people…the disrupters.

Here are six of the most influential people, drastically disrupting healthcare, as we know it today. This article highlights key influencers culled down from a much longer list of 100 influential people by Modern Healthcare.

  1. Larry Merlo – President and CEO, CVS Health

With $184.8 billion in net revenues for 2017, President and CEO of CVS Health, Larry Merlo disrupted the business by bringing on board new technologies and partnerships to focus more on consumer-driven patient, focused care.

As vertical integration continues to increase, companies are looking to source ways to maintain supply chain costs through expanded acquisitions. The company’s acquisition of health provider Aetna will provide opportunities for significant negotiating power in the reducing costs for payers and patients, and allow the development of personalized solutions and better patient outcomes.

  1. Dr Marc Harrison – President and CEO, Intermountain Healthcare

Working in various senior level roles at the renowned Cleveland Clinic across the US and Abu Dhabi, Dr Harrison came on board the Utah-based Intermountain Healthcare in 2016. The non-for-profit health system houses a myriad of specialities by way of 185 clinics.

Last year, the provider teamed up with Ascension, SSM Health, Trinity Health and the Veterans Affairs Department in the United States by launching their own drug company to reduce the mounting cost of healthcare for US citizens, and examining digital tools including telehealth.

  1. Tim Cook – CEO, Apple

Together with Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, Apple CEO, Tim Cook has arguably become one of the most respected digital leaders of our time.

In 2018, Apple made significant headway within the healthcare industry. From launching its own healthcare clinics for employees, to launching a Health Records API for developers and researchers, Apple stretched its reach within consumer healthcare. They developed and shared tools for healthcare organizations to deliver improved, patient-led services.

During an interview in January 2019, Cook teased that the company will announce new services this year, especially in the realm of healthcare. Apple has been investing in health and wellness in recent years as it capitalized on the success of its Apple Watch and hired dozens of doctors to bolster its health technology segment.

  1. Bruce Broussard – President and CEO, Humana

Humana, a preeminent health insurance company, is led by President and CEO, Bruce Broussard. They are facing increased competition from businesses such as Anthem and Walmart, to deliver increasingly critical products and services. So, they have been involved in multiple, significant acquisitions, turning the power up on their overall influence.

Joining Humana in 2011, Broussard has been responsible for the creation of an integrated care delivery model, focusing on improving the wellbeing of patients while lowering healthcare costs through digitization.

Acquiring Kindred Healthcare for $4 billion, the move precedes CVS Health’s $69 billion deal to acquire rival Aetna, where the business will look to deliver world-class homecare services to reduce the rising number of acute patient admissions. With this strategy on the forefront, Humana also partnered with Walgreens to launch new retail clinics.

  1. Jeff Bezos – Chairman and CEO, Amazon

Known to be overly ambitious and competitive in ensuring success at Amazon, Bezos is a chief disrupter.

The company’s significant reputation and determination to flourish has seen the business flip traditional e-commerce and retail models upside down. They’ve caused key industry contenders, including the pharmaceutical sector, shares to plummet as the company enters the industry.

Partnering with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase, forming their own healthcare company, Amazon has drawn a number of renowned healthcare figures to its operations, but manages to keep developments under wraps.

  1. Mark Bertolini – Chairman and CEO, Aetna

In addition to the company merging with retail pharmacy CVS Health, insurance provider, Aetna, has been a disruptor in the digital revolution.

Serving over 22 million members and led by Chairman and CEO, Mark Bertolini, the company has assembled innovative consumer-focused healthcare tools. The goal is to help patients as they utilize their services and make the process easier.

Bertolini has experience as both a paramedic and with rival company, Cigna. Through those roles, he acquired substantial knowledge of the business, enabling Aetna in 2017 to generate over $60 billion in revenue. The business has also grown its total Medicare membership by eight percent.

Disruptors will continue to make waves and headlines — impacting patients and consumers in ways we can’t even imagine. Taking a look into the future, if you missed our most recent blog on 2019 healthcare predictions, be sure to check out the post here.