Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems
SSI 400 Series Double Tank Auxo Medical

Sonic Systems Inc. Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

SSI’s Ultrasonic Cleaning systems are designed to solve your most difficult cleaning problems. We offer a complete range of ultrasonic systems from laboratory bench top models to fully automated conveyor systems – all of which are engineered and fabricated in-house. Incorporating Ultrabraze® transducers, all SSI systems are designed for high performance, longevity, economy, and versatility. SSI offers both a full line of standard equipment, as well as specifically designed customer packages to meet the needs of a particular market or customer application. These top quality productions include: submersible-type transducers, benchtop cleaners, tanks, consoles, multi-tank systems, automated transfer packages, decontamination equipment, probes, watt meters, and custom cleaning systems. SSI also provides a full line of chemical cleaning solutions. Whatever your application is, SSI offers both complete systems and/or the necessary component parts designed to meet your needs.