Walkmed 350VL Infusion System

Walkmed 350VL Infusion System

The WalkMed 350VL pump is indicated for intravenous, subcutaneous, arterial, enteral, and epidural infusion of: antibiotics, analgesics, chemotheraputic agents, and other medications or fluids requiring precisely-controlled infusion rates.

Contraindications for Use:

  • Infusion of blood and blood products
  • Infusion of insulin
  • Infusion of critical medications whose stoppage or interruption would cause serious injury or death
  • Use in ambulatory regimens by patients who do not possess the mental, physical, or emotional capability to operate the pump properly: or who are not under the care of a responsible individual

Operational Highlights:

  • Patient Lockout
  • Volume Tracking
  • AutoOcclusion Alarm Recovery
  • Symbolic Keypad

Safety & Convenience:

  • Keypad Lock-out for Patient Protection
  • Auto-Occlusion Alarm Release for Sensing & Silencing Alarms
  • Programmable Total Volume Limit & Delivery Tracking