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750 Bair Hugger without Cart

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3M Bair Hugger Model 750 Warming Unit

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3M Bair Hugger Model 750 Warming Unit Features:

Hose-end temperature sensing ensures accurate air temperature delivery.
Three temperature sensors and increased airflow for quicker temperature response.
Temperature settings track and report forced-air warming therapy duration.
Over-temperature, calibration, built-in hour meter, and fault code reporting via the front panel – no need to open the unit.
Compatible with the 3M Bair Paws Gown and the 3M Bair Hugger 241 Blood/Fluid Warming Set.
3M Bair Hugger Model 750 Warming Unit Specifications:

Brand: 3M Bair Hugger Therapy.
Clinical Area: OR, PACU, Pre-Op.
Device Rating: 110 – 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 11.7 Amperes.
Filter Type: High-efficiency 0.2 µm air filter.
Leakage Current: Meets UL 60601-1 and IEC 60601-1 requirements.
Operating Temperature:
High: 109.4° ± 2.7 °F (43° ± 1.5 °C).
Medium: 100.4° ± 2.7 °F (38° ± 1.5 °C).
Low: 89.6° ± 2.7 °F (32° ± 1.5 °C).
Weight and Dimensions:
Depth: 13.5″ (34 cm).
Length: 12.0″ (30 cm).
Width: 10.0″ (25 cm).
Net Weight: 16.3 Pounds (7.4 kg).

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