Amico iCE LED Surgical Light – Single Ceiling, 30M

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The iCE LED surgical lighting system was designed to illuminate with a bright, white light and an adjustable pattern size that creates a cool and comfortable surgical field. The Amico ceiling mount plate allows for easy installation for new or upgraded lighting.

The LEDs in the iCE surgical lights produce a bright white light that stays cool and lasts a minimum of 50,000 hours. The surfaces of the iCE LED lights are smooth making them convenient and easy to clean.

Each light-head comes standard with sterile, disposable covers for the non-sterilizable pattern of light beam adjustment handle, sterile, disposable covers for the in-light HD camera and sterilizable handles, which allow the user to autoclave the handle before each use.

Light-head Diameter – 30in. (76cm)
Light Intensity (Central Luminance) – 160,000 lux (14,870 fc)
Brightness Control –5 – 100%
Light Field Diameter – 7.6 – 12in. (19 – 31cm)
Depth of Illumination (L1 +L2) at 60% – 27.25 – 48in.
Depth of Illumination (L1 +L2) at 20% -42in. (107cm)
Color Rendering Index (CRI) –95
R9 >90
R13 – 97

Color Temperature (Standard) – 4,500K
Shadow Dilution
Single Mask – 44%
Double Mask – 41%
Cavity -97%
Single Mask w/ Cavity – 41%
Double Mask w/ Cavity – 40%
Number of LEDs (main) –80
Number of Other LEDs —320
LED Service Life -50,000 hours
Total Radiant Power at Max Intensity -415.3 W/m^2
Power Consumption at Light-head —200 w @ 24VDC
Electricity (VAC) – Universal VAC
Emergency Bypass -YES

Each Unit Consists of:
(1) Touch Switch Handle ASY
(1) Backup Board Added

For ceiling height less than 9′ 6″ (2.89m), an LCH (Low Ceiling Height) configuration will be required with an up-charge.
To avoid being charged extra for a round plastic ceiling cover, the customer must specify at the time of finalizing the submittal package they require the round plastic ceiling cover instead of the standard ceiling cover.

Must also purchase: LH-MNT-UAP-SNGL-BOM Universal Anchor Plate (Single Mount) with Rods & Fasteners

Additional Warranty of 5 total years on bulbs

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