Amico iCE LED Surgical Light


The iCE LED Surgical Lighting System comes in two light-head options – iCE 30M LED, with 30″ (762mm) diameter, 80 LEDs, 160,000 lux, 7.6″-12″ (193-305 mm) light pattern and laminar flow opening or iCE 25LED, with 25″ (635mm) diamter, 52 LEDs, 160,000 lux or 130,000 lux and 7.6″-11″ (193-279mm) light pattern. The iCE LED surgical lighting system was designed to illuminate with a bright, white light and an adjustable pattern size that creates a cool and comfortable surgical field.

The Amico ceiling mount plate allows for easy installation for new or upgraded lighting. The LEDs in the iCE surgical lights produce a bright white light that stays cool and lasts a minimum of 50,000 hours. The surfaces of the iCE LED lights are smooth making them convenient and easy to clean.

Each light-head comes standard with sterile, disposable covers for the non-sterilizable pattern of light beam adjustment handle, sterile, disposable covers for the in-light HD camera and sterilizable handles, which allow the user to autoclave the handle before each use.

Installation Plate required when purchasing.



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