Amico iCE LP Electric Series – Single Mount Dual Arm 1000mm

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Each Unit Consists of:
(1) 18″ x 9″ C30 Console
(2) DISS Oxygen Outlet and Hose Assembly for US
(1) DISS Medical Air Outlet and Hose Assembly for US
(1) DISS N2O Outlet and Hose Assembly for US
(1) DISS WAGD Outlet and Hose Assembly for US
(2) DISS VAC outlet and hose assembly for US
(4) 20 A Hospital Grade Emergency Duplex Receptacle Assembly (2) Blank Provision
(2) Blank Provision for Data
(1) 28×23 LT Shelf with side rail

For ceiling height less than 9′ 6″ (2.89m), a LCH (Low Ceiling Height) configuration will be required with an up-charge.
To avoid being charged extra for a round plastic ceiling cover, the customer must specify at the time of finalizing the submittal package they require the round plastic ceiling cover instead of the standard ceiling cover.
After initial 12 month period, parts only are covered by warranty for 4 additional years. Labor is not included after the initial 12 month period.

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