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Amico Mira LED 65, Ceiling Mount, Double, Standard Arm

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The Amico Mira LED 65, Ceiling Mount, Double, Standard Arm, exemplifies versatile and advanced lighting technology suitable for a variety of critical medical settings. As a true cross-platform design, this lighting system seamlessly integrates into diverse environments such as Emergency Departments (ED), Trauma centers, Intensive Care Units (ICU), Labor and Delivery Rooms (LDR), and spaces designated for Minor Surgery. The dual-arm configuration enhances its functionality, allowing for adjustable and focused illumination critical for precise medical tasks. The use of LED technology not only ensures energy efficiency but also provides consistent, bright light crucial for medical procedures, reducing eye strain and improving the overall visibility for healthcare professionals. This adaptability and high performance make the Mira LED 65 an essential tool in any modern medical facility.

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Being a true cross-platform design, the Mira LED Series Lights can be used in your ED, Trauma, ICU, LDR and Minor Surgery environments.

Light Intensity (Central Luminance) 65,000 Lux (6,190 fc) @ 1m (39.37″)
Brightness Control 50-100%
Light Field Diameter 6.5-12.0in
Depth of Illumination 94.5 in
Color Rendering Index 95 Ra
R9 90 in
Weight of Lighthead 11bs
Color Temperature (Standard) 4500K

Shadow Dilution
Single Mask 0.7%
Double Mask 55.5%
Cavity 100%
Single Mask with Cavity 0.3 %
Double Mask with Cavity 55.3%
Number of LED’s (Main) 36
LED Service Life 50,000
Total Radiant Power at Max Intensity

Electrical 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.55 amps
Power Supply Direct Power Supply
Mounting Type: Single Ceiling

CertificatesL cETLus conform to UL60601-1; UL60601-2-41; UL certified IP54 per IEC 60598

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