Biolight Q5 Patient monitor w/ Printer and LoFlo EtCO2 Monitor


Biolight Q5 Modular Patient Monitor. The Q5 is Modular Patient Monitor is Portable with Flexible Plugin. A whole new visual sense! 12.1″ TFT display color screen with 800 x 600 Resolution. The Q5 has a 10 level adjustable control for screen lightness. It also has 10 channel waveforms on display screen and can be upgraded to 12 channel.

Biolight Q5 Modular Patient Monitor Features: Convenient Operation, A combination of Operation, Full Touch Screen, Fingertip Operation, One-step process, along with Convenient Keyboard, Backlight button, and Luminous Key. See below for more information.

  • 12.1″ TFT Display Color Screen
  • 800 x 600 Resolution
  • 10 Level Adjustable Screen Lightness
  • 10 Channel Waveforms on Display Screen
  • Can be upgraded to 12 Channel
  • Convenient Operation, A combination, One-step Process
  • Full Touch Screen, fingertip Operation, One-step Process
  • Convenient Keyboard, Backlight Button, Luminous Key
  • Size: 318mm x 264mm x 152mm
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Power Voltage: AC 100-240Volt
  • Safety Class: Category 1
  • Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Operating Time: >210 minutes under normal conditions
  • Alarm: Level – low, medium, high
  • Alarm Indications: auditory and visual
  • NIBP Measurement Reviewing: 1000 groups
  • ARR Event: 128 groups
  • Full Disclosure Waveform: 96 for 3 waveforms (with 4G SD card)
  • Printer included
  • Shipping Included
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Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in