Buffalo Filter Porta PlumeSafe 604 Smoke Evacuation System


Porta PlumeSafe 604 is an ideal surgical smoke evacuator for veterinarian and non-acute care settings where moderate flow is needed. The unit is portable, easy to use, and features patented technology to track filter life.

EZLink, an automatic activation device, can be used to remotely turn the evacuator on and off, saving filter life. ViroSafe Fluid Trap is designed to capture fluids to help maintain the integrity of the filtration system and assist with maintaining filter life

Product Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight & Portable – Allows for easy transport or tabletop use.
  • LED Display – Indicates filter life and suction power.
  • Adjustable Flow Control – Suction setting can easily be adjusted in 10% increments.
  • Filter Tracking Technology – Automatically tracks and records filter life through a patented technology.
  • Quiet Operation – Addresses noise concerns.
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Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in