Chison ECO6


The new Chison ECO6 ultrasound machine finds itself as the top machine in the “low cost” market for new portable ultrasounds.

Continuing in the low-cost ECO line of products, Chison looked to improve upon its popular brand by creating a machine that’s a little more competitive with the mid-range systems. With Speckle Reduction, Needle Visualization, AutoIMT, Compound Imaging, Harmonics, and solid image quality, this economical ultrasound machine packs a powerful performance for a great price.

In comparison to its predecessor, the Chison ECO5, our tests show the ECO6 to have better image quality and adds Triplex, Color Power Doppler, B-Steer, and the aforementioned AutoIMT and Needle Visualization technologies.

Its 12-inch LED monitor is clear, crisp and has a much wider viewing angle than the LCDs you find on other ultrasound machines in this price range.

Additionally, we feel the color on the ECO6 is an improvement over the ECO5, which allows this to be a decent low-end color system.


  • 30″ rotatable LED screen
  • B, C, DPD, CPA, D, M
  • Streamlined workflow (6-one-key-step)
  • Support Triplex, B Steer, Super Needle
  • Cardiac Application: Phased array probe
  • Compound Imaging, SRA, THI
  • 2D Steer, Super needle
  • Triplex, Automatic PW trace
  • Solutions for accessories: Carry case (BG-100) & Cart TR 9000 and anti-water keyboard cover

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Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 18 × 18 in