Chromalox Powerpack CH08 75kW Vertical Steam generator

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Provides high-quality (97%) vapor quality clean steam needed to power connected equipment. Automatic controls include heating section water level control and steam pressure controls to control operating pressure and monitor high pressure limit. Auxiiary low water cut-off feature turns off heating element in event of water level control failure. Heating section insulated with 2″ thick glass fiber.
Electric Steam Generator 75kW –
Weight – 430lbs
Dims: W 29 L 30 H 44
Includes Feedwater Pump
Water consumption in gph (lph) at Steam output of 80 psi with 140 F feedwater – 28.4 Gph
The recommended total hardness should be 0-17 mg/l, specific resistance not to exceed 26,000 Ω/cm with pH maintained between 6.8 and 7.5. Total dissolved solids should not exceed 250 PPM and alkalinity (bicarbonate only) should not exceed 180 PPM as calcium carbonate.

480V 3ph 90 Amps
All boilers have 120V/1/60Hz control circuit

237.2 lb/hr Steam Output
Approx. heat loss in BTU/hr at 70°F ambient continuous operation: 3500BTU/hr
Copper 90C AWG unless indicated otherwise
Allow 21″ for element removal and 10″ around boiler for service access.

Steaming capacity based on producing saturated steam at 212F with 50F feed water.
ASME Section I Pressure Vessel Carbon Steel Code “M”

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