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Curlin 4000 CMS


The Curlin Medical 4000 CMS is a unique, technologically advanced, multi-therapy ambulatory electronic infusion pump that continuously monitors and displays “Line Pressure” to help you detect potential catheter patency problems such as occlusions, obstructions and pinched off catheters. Utilizing non-DEHP, all PVC administration sets, the 4000 CMS has the ability, at low rates, to deliver a resolution of flow that is up to 25 times better than the leading ambulatory pumps. Additionally, the 4000 CMS works synergistically with a PC and/or Palm PDA to improve the outcome, and reduce the risk of programming errors.

  • Modes of Operation: Continuous, PCA with IV, Epidural, or Sub-Q Delivery, TPN with ramping, Intermittent, Variable with 24 specified doses
  • Accuracy: ±6%
  • Flow Rates: 0.1 ml to 400 ml/hr
  • Volume Limits: 1.0 ml to 9999 ml
  • KVO Rates: 0.0 to 10 ml/hr; default to 0.1 ml/hr
  • Power Sources: 2 alkaline batteries; AC and external rechargeable battery pack.
  • Battery Life:
    • Nominal 10 hrs at 400 ml/hr
    • Nominal 30 hrs at 125 ml/hr
    • Nominal 85 hrs at 2 ml/hr
  • Alarms: Infusion Complete, Air-in-line, Occlusion Upstream, Occlusion Downstream, Door Open, Set Not Installed, Unattended Pump, Replace Set, High Upstream pressure, Empty Battery
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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in